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    Hello fellow splitboarders!

    I just wanted to let everyone know that our online splitboard store has officially launched!

    We’ve teamed up with Bomber Industries to offer a solid range of splitboard specific products and accessories. Over time we plan to build on this foundation and offer the most complete splitboard store on the planet.

    Here are some of the products we plan to sell for 2005/2006:

    Splitboards- Voile, Prior, and Burton splitboards (hopefully Winterstick too)
    Spilt kits and skins- Voile
    Beacons and shovel/probes- BCA
    Plate bindings- Voile, Bomber
    Alpine snowboard boots- Deeluxe, Raichle
    Moldable liners- Deeluxe
    Collapsible poles- Black Diamond, Masters
    Misc Parts- Voile

    We also offer free shipping (UPS GROUND) on all orders!

    Check it out here. 😀

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    Congrats Chris!

    Fin is an excellent guy. I am psyched you guys are working together.

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    BCR & Fin, think about making a printable flyer/ad/coupon/promo for your minions to distribute to the masses. Maybe you already did this and I missed it, if so link me.

    It’s hard for me to believe, but I met a handful riders over the last week that still had never heard a splitboard…which of us is under the rock?

    Any chance of getting DaKine products? Verts and Fluoriwipe are my bread and butter right now

    Never Summer’s not aboard?

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    How about some stickers and Tee’s for some extra gratuitous plugs for the site, eh?

    I’d sport a Tee and throw a sticker on the Xterra…plus, if you make a bandana, Dude (and I bet other bc doggies) would be proud to wear it ’round his neck…


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    I picked up a Prior from the storefront recently. Ran into a buncha troubles when ordering (payment mixup on my end) and Bomber went through great lengths on the phone to help me get everything worked out. Great service! Board showed up promptly, and good fun was had by all. 8)


    Jon Dahl
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    In all my dealings with Bomber, you will find that level of service. Help with just about any question you could possibly have about product is usually answered on the first phone call!

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    Cool Bc! I hope it all goes well for you. I’ll tell everyone I know.

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