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    I have a silly question about bindings. Is it possible to use splitboard bindings on a regular board? I want to eventually get a splitboard, or turn my regular board into a split, but in desperate need to replace my cracked, crappy bindings now.

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    Regular bindings are a lot cheaper but you do have some options for split bindings (that use the Voile pucks) on a solid.

    From Chair 2 Board Sports:

    Or Prowder:

    Image borrowed from the Prowder thread

    Or One Binding System:

    I make the ones for Chair 2 so I’m partial to them 🙂 but all three are good options. I like the easy adjustability of the Prowder or the One Binding System.

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    I though i would mention Phantom as well. With an open mind you may like this set up a lot. The Phantom interface has the option to mount to a solid board -4 hole pattern, a DIY split hole pattern or a factory split hole pattern. I use the Phantoms with a solid board mount and a split mount. I find it easily the best interface on the market as far as holding the two halves of a split together, creating torsional rigidness. They are super lightweight and I can switch between the solid and split within seconds. I just went to Canada on a trip and was able to travel with both boards, one set of bindings. I prefer the ride on these to any strap binding I have ever been on

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    +1 on the one binding system. I have a pair, theyre solid and easy/fast. Be sure to tell Ryan if you’re regular or goofy if you ride with forward angles since the standart set only works for duck stance

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    Thanks!! Will any of these work with karakorams?

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    You can see my pucks for solid board there

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    @adoug80 wrote:

    Thanks!! Will any of these work with karakorams?


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    Hey Bob can you tell me about your pucks? What are they made out of?

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    I got them from firstlight. I believe they are made from delrin. I
    marked out my angles and set my true boot centre (see the puck is closer to toe edge) then drilled the 4×4 holes.

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    The pucks are poly ethylene

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    @BobGnarly wrote:

    You can see my pucks for solid board there

    Those boards look amazing Mr Gnarly :drool: :rock: :drool: :rock:

    Back OT:
    I use Ryan’s OneBinding pucks too and they work great. Still to try out my Prowder saddles on a solid.



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    Some pics of plates
    All these are 2.5 deg cant optioned.
    All three types 4 x 4, 3D and ICS

    The black Malolo has the pucks drilled for both 3D and ICS

    The only way to travel is with one set of bindings!

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    I agree, except when they break lol

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