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    does anyone know this year’s dates and location for split fest?

    thankso mucho


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    Has anyone heard about this? Trying to plan my vacation for next year…

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    A big bird told me it aint gonna happen this year

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    No splitfest this year? I guess thats all the more reason to make it to scrubfest instead.

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    I wouldn’t rule it out…the middle of March is a long ways away. We have 4 months to pull something off! 🙂

    My vote goes to the same location as last year (Wasatch Mountain Club near Brighton, UT). Utah makes a smart location for a number of reasons from being centrally located in the states, good snow, great access, and the home of Voile. 8)

    This year we just need to promote the event better and make sure more splitters represent, represent!

    I’m confident we can make it happen. :thatrocks:

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    Utah in March probably works with my schedule. I was tenatively planning on being out there in that time frame anyway.

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    Two of us here had it already cleared with the fams, let’s not lose sight of this. 😯 I vote too for the WMC, good place to get together.

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    ditto… top of bcc is perfect.

    karma surf
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    If stoke on this thread occured, the fest would happen.

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    i’m in! (of course, its easy for me, i live in salt lake). but i know a few other splitters in the area that would be stoked as well!

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    Do you mean stoke like this from the 05 Fest in Tahoe?


    Or like this from 06 Utah?

    Splitters in the House

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    Now I’m stoked. 8)

    I’d hate to see it die. I’d make the effort this year if it was happening.

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    Im in. This time if its in Salt Lake I will be at the WMC !

    Stoke Stoke Stoke Stoke Stoke Stoke Stoke Stoke Stoke Stoke Stoke Stoke

    However I REFUSE to be Dutchmarc’s Sherpa this year. He can carry his BIG ASS BAG up to the lodge solo 😉

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    Bump for Stoke! Looks like atleast a dozen from this thread…

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    I’m in if it’s in California. How come there are so many splitters over there in Utah?

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    @karma surf wrote:

    If stoke on this thread occured, the fest would happen.

    Sooo… was there enough stoke? I’m guessing not from the lack of comments lately. But if it does happen I’d love to make it out there. Last year was too much fun! This about sums up what I thought of the whole experience:

    Aside from the riding, it was great to meet new friends, and some of the legendary characters.

    Like Jive Stick:

    Here’s Cowboy and Bentley:

    Of course there was gear to check out as well. Bentley showing off a new NS stick:

    One of my favorite parts was seeing all the homebrew stuff. Check out the boot mod Scooby2 was working on. Gee, I don’t know anyone here who would be interested in something like that, do you??

    And here are the reverse-camber graphite splits that he also made:

    Seeing all this innovation inspired Dutch Marc and I. On the flight home we came up with the ultimate avy protection device. We were hoping to demo it at this year’s splitfest but it looks like it might have to wait.

    I’m looking forward to the next splitfest! By that time p420 and I might also have the final version of our Shart Shorts ™ ready for prime time. They’re still in testing currently:

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    That last pic is classic. Who hasn’t creeped over the edge to look into the ‘intended line’ only to find themselves crapping on the spot? Okay, maybe it’s just a personal issue…

    Anyway, good stoke… Bummed I missed it… Will be trying to budget some spring time for a Tioga opening day weekend or the likes…

    Is it too early to start planning on that for the Tahoe folks? This winter has been a total crap shoot around here. Winter, spring, spring, winter, spring… waiting on the next winter session now…

    Greg - NoKnees

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