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    I was wondering which splitboard would be recomended for snowboarding in the northeast, ice, etc.

    affix snow
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    I ride a Never Summer T5 all over the east! Solid to the point where ive ridden it at resorts on hardpack and never knew i was on a split.

    I was told to shy away from voile cause they are soft and not SOOOO great on firm conditions in the east….

    I rode a Prior too and it rode similar to my NS……

    SO you got that….

    Burtons ride great too, but their harware sucks….maybe wait till next year when they use the voile system……

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    i ride volie hard wear 2 years – no problem.

    this year , i change on burton boards for friends the hard wear to voile-
    all are happy.and i tkink wahts wrong on the system from burton –
    why this work in the desert not so good as at home …..
    ice , water and and….

    but i bay new interface stand 2003 , there a better than the old.
    you must fix this and understan all littel tricks , and than the are nice
    and work too. this are goodys for mister slowhand….

    my next projekt is a fish self split with 2003 interface (modif. by me)

    burton – from germany

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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