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    Has anyone done this? Any tips? I have a really cool limited run solid Venture, and although it would make a great solid I hardly ever ride resorts anymore. And I’d like to ride this thing all the time, not just once or twice a year, which means I need it as a split…



    Split it! Then make sure you get some Phantom cleats that have the Spilt/Solid/DIY bolt pattern so you don’t have to t-nut in for ride mode. I’d then just quiverkiller/direct mount the tech toe and then ski screw some heel risers. This gives you a clean base.


    Thanks John! However, I want to use my soft boots on this board as it’s pretty soft and flexy… the flexiest, sexiest Venture by far known to man. Did you see that KJ eagle deck floating around in Silverton when you were out there? That’s what I’m splittin.


    Nice, curious to see how it rides. Let us know how it comes out.

    And I agree with John, I’d rather not mess with T-nuts on a factory board that nice. Get it water jet and throw on the DIY conversion with the phantoms. It’d also be super light. But that’s my :twocents:


    Maybe Venture and/or Spark can hook you up with a proto edison set that maybe is just laying around. Would mean less drilling anyway.

    Or maybe just sell it (It’s about time for me to start driving the Mrs. crazy for gear!!) :thumpsup:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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