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    Should I split a Burton Frontier? I need a splitboard for deeper forays into the backcountry. I am very happy to ride Winterstick Snowboards, but their new Splitstick is only going to be available in a 162, and that is just to short for me. While I wait for Winterstick to get some longer models out (’06-’07 season, hopefully) I need a split to ride. I have a Frontier 170 in good shape that I could split. This is a fairly narrow board, and my boots are size 10 US-I am wondering how much width I can expect to lose in the cutting process. I figure I will also gain a little toe/heel clearance due to the additional height of the slider plate binding setup. I would be glad to hear any helpful info. THX

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    BCD has split Frontiers & WPT may have, too, by now. I’d bet you could pick up some beta from one or both.

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    Mmm. I say go for it.

    While I’m not a big fan of the current factory-produced Burton splitboards, their snowboard construction is top-quality. I really noticed this after cutting/drilling/hacking my way into a few of their boards.

    The Frontiers (and Customs and others…) have one or two strips of carbon fiber in the cores, and I think this really helps maintain stiffness once the board is split. Skinning long distances will break down a wood core very quickly, but the carbon fiber helps this.
    In fact, you might never have the desire to ride a factory produced split once you ride the Frontier.

    With size 10.5 boots I didn’t have any problems with toe/heel drag on a 170 Frontier. The increased height of the bindings compensates for the narrow waist.

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    Thanks BCD, that is good news. I will be splitting my 170 Frontier soon, I was thinking this board would be a good candidate because of its stiff flex. I may experiment with a carbon powder/epoxy coating on the cut edges in order to increase durability and help keep some good torsional properties. For now I ride the backcountry with snowshoes and bootpacks, but I need to add a split to make deeper ventures easier.

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