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    At the beginning of May I had the chance to do my first foreign splitboard trip to Iran. Here I want to show you many of my impressions and experiences of this great country.

    We, a gruop of 5 people, flew from Munich via Istanbul to Teheran, where we visited some palasts and parks.

    The day ended with a great traditional dinner.

    Next day we had breakfast in our hotel with a great view over the city.

    Then we drove about 5h to Roodbarak and further to our shelter Vandarbon (2400m).

    Next day we walked up the valley 2-3h up to 3000m where we built up our tents. In the afternoon we did our first ascent up to Deav Chal (4185m) and did some great turns in summer corn.

    Next day I went to Shakhak (4780m) one oft he horns of Alam Kouh (4850m) the 2nd highest peak of Iran, that was great!

    After another night in our tents, we went back to Vandarbon and drove via Roodbarak to the Caspian Sea.

    Next day we visited a local bazar and then drove to Rineh (2000m). Here we stayed one night at „Mustafa“.

    Next day he drove us to Gosfandsara (3040m) from where we walked up to Bargah (4250m) our shelter. Bargah was built in 2009 full out of stone like a castle and therefor very cold and uncomfortable. In the afternoon I did some turns up to 4800m for acclimatisation.

    Next day was summit day for Damavand (5671m) the highest peak in Iran. The conditions were bluesky but very stormy, not much fun. I started late at 8:30, at 5200m the wind was so strong, that I fell twotimes, all other groups on the mountain stopped their ascents at this point and returned to the shelter. I crabbed about 50m and then went on up to 5450m where I had to leave my board because there wasn`t enough snow but sulfur vapor and rocks. At 11:30 I reached the top. I went back to Bargah, the riding was really bad.

    After a short break I went back to Gosfandsara and Rineh. The rest of my group stayed another night at Bargah to start another trial for summit next day. 3 of them reached it with less wind but fog and clouds. Together we spent a night in Rineh before we went back to Teheran, where visited the Milad Tower, the 6th highest tower on earth and had a great view over town.

    With a fabolous traditional dinner we ended this great trip.

    The riding and mountaineering in Alam Kouh region is awsome, a big untouched playground with plenty of possibilities, Damavand is just one of those peaks everyone wants to summit but not that fun! Besides the mountains the thing I enjoyed most were the heartful and nice people who treated us not as guests but as friends.

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    This is awesome! Thanks, for sharing!

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    sweet! The mountains remind me of Nevada and Utah.

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    Very nicely done!!

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    @SwitchBack, Or TehrAngeles!

    Nice TR @Mansi!

    Be sure to bookmark's Recent Activity page...

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    Great stuff Mansi!
    And what an awesome last tour of the season!

    Rico in AZ
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    Super awesome! It’s good to see adventure is still alive.

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