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    In regards to the Burton Splitboard series:

    Bigboater said:

    ‘avoid getting spray on the rubber donut thingy that keeps the lotus from rotating against the plate, or else the binding will rotate in ski mode.’

    ‘By donut thingy I’m talking about that the area were the lotus (the thing that fits into the female version on the board and keeps the binding from rotating in board mode) is pulled against the bottom of the plate. This is also the piece that the bindings screw into. The only thing keeping the lotus and the binding from rotating in ski mode is the friction generated by torqueing the binding screws down. On my interface there is a thin rubber donut on the underside of the plate that helps to increse friction. When I’ve gotten lube on this in the past, the binding has rotated on me in ski mode under force. I hope that makes sense.’

    Now my take:

    I hate my 1st gen burton split interface. BECAUSE the interface has NO rubber donut on the bottom, and no grip tape ring on the top. Mine is the SPLT66, the 1st year of it all. I sprayed mine with silicone and entered splitboard hell. The interface is all just metal on metal friction, silicone eliminated all the friction. Spinning binding=no fun in ski mode. Could you or (someone else out there) post a pic of the top and bottom of your interface? Preferably here, or email me at *REMOVED TO KEEP THE BOTS AWAY!*

    I’ve been trying to find a post about the spinning issue, no one else seems to have written about it. My interface+silicone+kick turn= my foot and binding spinning 90deg. to the board ski. Shoooot. Makes for one frustrating day.

    I’m trying to figure out what I need to do to improve reliability. Grip-tape on top, and some type of neoprene/rubber on the bottom sounds like the ticket.

    Has Burton ever warrantied/offered a fix kit for this 1st gen. interface?
    Can I get the rubber donut and grip ring from them?

    Are there 2 generations or 3 generations of this interface on the market?
    I know there’s mine, and then there’s the later ones with the grip ring and rubber donut, and the improved brace between the toe pins.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I would just remove the lotus & cut & glue friction tape to each side of the lotus. You should be able to find some at the local hardware store. Also get some threadlock compound & when you torque the scews in tight use a #1 phillips with a long handle & good grip & torque the sh*t out of the mount screws. Yes the burton interface stinks. I’ve cussed my “good deal” on a Burton split ever since I got it & then later discovered how good Voile’s set-up is.

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