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    It was about time I got this done.

    Time to put the new boots and Intuition liners( to the test.

    First ride up the Showcase T-bar on Blackcomb at 930.
    Start of our trip.

    Looking back a couple other groups starting their day.

    Reaching the east col looking out at Decker, Mt Pattison, and Tremor.

    Andy climbing up Decker with the east col and the Spearhead in the background.

    Hannes ready to take a shot of me dropping in to the chute down to the Trorey Glacier. Mt Pattison on his right.

    Andy took a higher chute down to the glacier.

    Quick bootpack up to the south ridge of Mt Pattison.
    On the far left of the photo you can see across the Fitzsimmons Valley where we would be in 7hrs.

    The view from the south ridge.
    Looking across at Macbeth, Iago, and Fitzsimmons.

    Across,up and around the Tremor Glacier. The hourglass off the peak looking just about filled in enough.

    Behind Tremor climbing up the Platform Glacier.

    Across a milky Ripsaw Glacier.

    Down and across the Naden Glacier.Aesthetically ugly heli ski tracks from the day before.

    About to drop down the Macbeth Glacier. Mt Iago is behind Hannes pole, then the N Face of Fitzsimmons, Benvolio, and Overlord peaks.
    This is where the dog left us, I’ll come back to that.

    On the Iago Glacier, looking west to the Mcbride Range.

    Traversing the ridge, then up the other side of the Iago Glacier.

    Looking back the the corniced cliff ridge traverse with the Macbeth Glacier in the background.

    Crazy german

    About to drop in SW to the Diavolo Glacier, more of the Mcbride Range in the background.

    Down on the Diavolo Glacier with the longest climb of the day it started snowing and we got whited out. Made for an uncomfortable 1-2 hrs.

    Benvolio Glacier, hoping Ullr would part the skies, slowly navigating cornices and crevasses in the milkout.

    The 2 germans happy to made it safely down the Overlord Glacier, the sun now behind Fissile.

    Self portrait, with the Overlord Glacier in the background.

    Climbing up to Russet lake, Fissile Banana Chute on the right.

    A quick snack at the Himmelsbach Hut.

    The 2 girls in the background had planned on going to Mt Pattison for some turns. One had her avalanche dog with her(local patroller)
    Instead since the weather was so nice they just kept going. Followed us all the way to the Macbeth Glacier and then took a shorter route. Met up with them again on the bottom of Overlord. The 3 of us couldn’t believe it, skinning and skiing the whole traverse with a dog!!

    Looking at the peaks behind Cheakamus Lake.

    Hannes and Andy stoked, it’s all downhill from here.

    Token snowboard shot with the Musical Bumps and Whistler Mtn off in the distance.
    Nothing left but a shitty hour long 7km heelside traverse down Singing Pass

    Looking back up Fitzsimmons Creek at Fissile and Overlord, still socked in.

    After 10hrs, 13 glaciers, and 34km the beer was tasting good.


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    How long do people usually take to do this traverse? Is it typically a hut tour?
    Awesome pics, looks like fun terrain around there!

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    The first group in the 60’s did it in 9 days.

    If you are Greg Hill you could rock it out in just over 4 hrs, randonee style.

    Most people do it over 2-3 days, either bringing a tent, or building a snow shelter. The one hut on the Whistler side is less than a 2 hrs down to the village.

    There is a proposal for a ‘Haute Route’ hut system which looks like its going to happen


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    34km is a big day,good work bro

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    nicely done!!

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    Looks like you guys have a nice fat snow pack and will be riding for a while. Beautiful country.

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    Very Nice!

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    That’s quite the effort! Well done.

    You obviously skin quicker than I do!!! 😳

    Kyle Miller
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    NICE WORK!!!! Rad running into you and rad terrain in your backyard.

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