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    I went on a 4 day backcountry trip in the Teton surprisingly really icy conditions so im super glad that I had my Spark R&D Sabretooth Tesla System Splitboard Crampons but when I got back I noticed damage to the mounts any ideas here?

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    Warranty bro. They’re super awesome like that.
    You probably didn’t have the Sabertooth bar properly seated in the bracket. Sometimes icing effs with this but mostly it’s user error. It’s really subtle. LT Chomps were the same too (except they fell off instead of breaking).
    Every time you install them, flop them up and down a few times (with your heel up) and give ’em a good pull to make sure they’er in there good.

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    I always flop them to make sure they are in place. I think this happen the last day wish was the worst day for ice so I don’t know perhaps they shifted or something but I know for a fact that I seated them completely when I installed then. I’ll contact them about warranty thanx

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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