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    Check out Will’s vid for the Spark R&D Splitboard Binding!

    Nice work Will! :thatrocks:

    Great little viddy. The bindings are looking sweet and you’re doing a great job with it all! 8)

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    Ha! I enjoyed that. Well done guys!

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    I’m in, how much?

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    its about time someone gave voile a little competition


    Nice, lookin good, well done for an early promo.

    Thanks for the link bcrider

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    Awesome……..lets git some!!!!

    Can we post a link to Wills site?

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    Looks promising!

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    Wow I’m sticky worthy! Thanks BCR!

    Man there were some trials and tribulations with making that little viddy. A word of advice to y’all, if you’re ever out filming something, check your footage immediately. Erik from stormshadow filmed a full day of footage at world boards only to find that all of our footie was screwed because the heads on the camera we were using were dirty. Later, it took three cameras and two days to get the freakin’ footage imported. What you see there was edited in a 13 hour marathon session before Erik got on a plane. Luckily it all worked out in the end. I am really pleased with how it came out. The little wall slash and the chute were filmed two weeks ago at Sacajawea, lucky for us we had some early season snow to go play on (which I will be doing again tomorrow). It was definitely a little spooky since there was only two feet of snow there but we both managed not to hit anything. I did feel bad taking the really cherry venture out there in those conditions but she made it out pretty much unscathed.

    I was even able to get permission from the artist to use that song, I love the internet age, it’s so easy to get in touch with people. The song is “A little love” by Another Cynthia Go check ’em out, tell them that they rock and tell them where you heard of them. They’re a portland band for those of you out there. Erik and I could tell it was a really good song when we were still bobbing our heads to it after 13 hours straight.

    My website is but it’s really out of date, there’s more information on this site about what’s going on than is on there, but that’s going to change soon, I just got a new more blog like type of site so it will be easier for me to update it.

    As far as the binders go I have 71 sets of bent metal missionary bindings in my shop. My initial order of sheetmetal should arrive this week, which I will have to send out again for anodizing and engraving, but that should turn around pretty fast. I originally ordered 66 black pairs and 34 red pairs but there was a mixup and most of their stuff was already sold to other people. So I was able to get 54 red pairs and 17 black pairs. I’ll post the punky brewster set later (black baseplates with red heelcups) and see if people are in to those, as most people want black. If you really have your heart set on an all black set and I’m out you will still be able to buy a set of missionarys from someone else and swap the parts over. Anyway I’ll post more info on that end when I have it.

    I will have a table set up at the frozen earth film festival on thursday this week where the thrillheads’ Return to Schralptown will be playing so come on out and say hey. I also donated a hoodie and a tee to the raffle for the Juxtaposer skate flick that’s playing there on wednesday Be sure to check out the trailer for that one, Chris Murphy and Co are doing an awesome job on that one.

    Well I’m off to the Bioneers conference, any other bioneers out there? More later, thanks for your interest everybody.

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    count me in on a set! whatever color! (it’d be cool to be able to get 1 red and 1 black binding haha)

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    HA!!! ^^^There is my punky brewster partner!!!^^^

    Nice job on the video too.

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    any idea on price yet?


    Anybody have a link to that video somewhere besides youtube? (it’s blocked by stupid guvvy computers)

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    Jesus Christ, they let your kind in here now, BSOE? Glad to see you’ve joined the revolution. 8)

    Did you try the link thru the Venture website? Clik on the Spark logo under the divide board page. Doubt it will work since it’s still a youtube video but it’s not directly on the youtube page…dont know, give it a try. Maybe Will can field that one.

    Are you still servin us in Iraq?? Still?

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    Here’s a version I uploaded to photobucket:

    Price will be around $340, I’m part way through my first production run, I’ll let you all know when they’re available. Thanks!


    Flow, a familiar “face”. Yep, still in “the cradle of civilization.” That’s a little too much irony even for me. 13 months down, two to go.

    I ventured into the bc on snowshoes the season before I left. It didn’t take too many deep days for it to occur to me there had to be a better way. So I picked up a split at the end of last season. Can’t wait to try it…with Will’s binders. For $340 them shits is mine. Peace.

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