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    Hey everyone out there,
    I’ve been riding generation two for a while, I finally got around to updating my website so check it out: I’m super stoked on this design, the stiffness, light weight and low ride of this binding really improves the touring and the ride.

    The news in brief:
    Beefed up toe pivot
    Gap between binding and board eliminated
    Restyled around Ride bindings, will be offered as aftermarket baseplate
    I quit my dayjob, now it’s spark r&d full time!
    I moved in to a 1600 sq ft shop and office in the heart of Bozeman
    4 axis cnc milling machine will be here in two weeks
    t-shirts and hoodies
    my stickers should finally be here today, remember to send me your physical address if you want some, and to join the mailing list


    p.s. Sorry to those of you who’ve emailed that I haven’t gotten back to yet, it’s been pretty crazy around here. Constructive input/feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    Congratulations and best of luck. Way to go after it.

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    Wow, that is great news.

    Looking forward to using the product.

    affix snow
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    Very sweet! Congrats!

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    What an awesome story so far. Its so cool reading about this kind of vibe. Very stoked for you.

    >I quit my dayjob, now it’s spark r&d full time!
    >I moved in to a 1600 sq ft shop and office in the heart of Bozeman

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    Congrats, Will. It’s great that we’ll have someone working on split-specific hardware for us. I hope you make a stack o’ cash in the process. Did you have to get a license from Voile?

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Great job Will. Will those bindings be a “made to order” item or do you plan to have a stock of them? When will they be available.

    Can you still use the Voile crampons with them??

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    Dude… those look great. I’m totally getting a pair once you guys start selling them (and I don’t even have a splitboard yet).

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    Congrats on the DIY business. Good Luck man!

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    I am new to the boards but have been lurking long enough to have seen your site and posts. I think the design is great and would love to get my hands on some.

    I was wondering if it is possible to convert the SPI into your binding? Would you consider offering an upgrade package that we as splitboarders could send in our personal bindings (Ride of cours) to be upgraded by Spark?

    I look forward to a demo in the near future!

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    Might just be the best thing to come along in the sport. Does Voile have to give the nod?

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    Since I got to try ’em you know I’m in for a set…You knew the little tweaks they needed & got it done….Can’t wait to put ’em on my new board :D. Now if you could just get it to snow without all this freakin wind 😛

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    Awesome work!

    How long until we can purchase some?

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    Thanks for all the well wishes on my new business. It’s a bit scary but I have a number of clients to get me off the ground, and some savings. Having the reigns is definitely worth it. Once the mill shows up it’s really going to be fun.

    On Voile issues: still getting that end of things figured out, I’ll let you know what’s up when I know 😉

    Voile crampon compatibility: these do not work with the voile crampons. They do work with a five way adjustable crampon that I developed last summer for my Rainier trip. They drop in and take out on the fly, have several heel rest heights, and can be locked down low or high too.

    Made to order or stock item: The first thing I’m going to release is a set of baseplates compatible with this years Ride EX and LX bindings, size large. From there I’ll do an xl and then a medium. I plan on direct marketing to all of you for starters and then worrying about retail. Custom orders are a possibility down the road.

    When will they be available: If my crystal ball is working I would say early to middle springtime. I have a few things that need to fall in to place first.

    Ride SPI compatibility: Right now the baseplates are not SPI convertible. I would like in the future to offer baseplates for several of the ride bindings. The SPI’s look sweet and I like how the highback gets taller as the bindings gets longer, they’d be a good candidate.

    Keep the questions coming everybody.

    My stickers have finally arrived:

    send me an email: and I’ll send you some.

    So does anyone else have to recite these every time they go splittin’?


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    I can see the line of customers forming as we speak…er…type. 8)

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    Not to be a pain, but wouldn’t the voile crampons work in fixed mode? Maybe not. Still looking forward to the binding.

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    No problemo Killclimbz,
    The tabs on the voile crampons that the pin passes through will interfere with the baseplate as both of these are trying to attach to the outer sides of the touring bracket. You can check out what I’m talking about, and an older version of this binding on this thread:
    Look for a post by Sparky.

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    @ will

    my type of binding with 2 position s for the slider pin.

    the withe pom block is the position for climbing.

    the same bolt is mountig in the back of my binbing in the ride modus.

    my special funktion is : i mount the crampons from back side of the bindings – in climbing modus .


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    @Will wrote:

    No problemo Killclimbz,
    The tabs on the voile crampons that the pin passes through will interfere with the baseplate as both of these are trying to attach to the outer sides of the touring bracket.

    Ahhh, gotcha. I thought the bindings would attache on the inside of the touring brackets like with the slider plates. That makes sense now.

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    I can’t wish you enough luck on this adventure Will, way to grow a set and make this shiz happen! Looking forward to a possible chance to trying these this spring.

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