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    @jimw wrote:

    FKNA Will, perfect timing! Crampons on order, just in time for spring season in the Sierra. The new version of the binding looks sweet, the highback was one of the main issues I had with v.1. Keep up the great work, and have fun up there in BC!

    Perfect timing indeed… my pair just arrived by FedEx 3 hours before departure for the first spring overnight expedition of the season. Thanks Will!! These things rock!! Spark R&D is delivering on gear we’ve been wishing for for a long time. I may have to even give up my beloved sport of splitbooting.

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    still holdin’ out for the small baseplates for my itty bitty feet. but it doesn’t really look like you’re hurting for customers. 🙂

    good work will, LOVE the colored split hooks, great idea. for some reason they remind me of all the tricked out mtn bikes i see out there…matching hubs, skewers, headsets, etc. are we gonna get to have matching hooks, heel lifts and baseplates someday? awesome.

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    I just got my crampons today and am pretty excited to try them. They are infinitely easier to attach than the voile ones, the metal is slightly thicker so they look less likely to bend, they arent as sharp as the voiles which is a good thing in my opinion(the sharpened points on my voile ones destroyed the topsheet on my old split), they look pretty cool, and are only slightly heavier than the voiles. The only thing that concerns me is in the non-elevated, free mode it seems like there is the potential to bend some part of the system and the back of the binding is actually elevated about 2cm higher than it would be without the crampon. I’ll report back on them once I get to test them on the snow.

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    Ok, so I’m confused. Should I use the website to order bindings? There’s no way to specify binding size on the website, yet they want you to pay for them. What happens after I pay for them on the website? Do you email me and ask what size I need?
    What is the estimated wait nowadays???

    I want some. Just don’t know the best/fastest way to get them.

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    One size fits all, unless Will has started to make different size baseplates.

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    Pretty sure the bindings are just one size right now. I believe there is range of boot sizes it fits but I couldn’t find it on Spark’s site.

    As for waiting list, I don’t think there is one anymore! I’d venture to say you’d have them in a week or less. 🙂

    Send ’em an email too, I’m sure you’d get a quick reply.

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    Sorry to be confusing. This is a pretty old thread from last year when we had a waiting list.

    Now we have no waiting list (yay!), we’ve got binders in stock. Most orders ship the same day.

    Currently there’s just one size available which is highly adjustable, there are women with little feet up to guys with size 13 feet riding them. You can check out the dimensions on our I’ll update that page about sizing.

    BCR can you lock this thread so there’s no confusion about waiting lists? Gracias!
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