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    Woot! mine arrived in the mail and I’m all stoked for Chamonix.

    Thanks Will!

    Am I correct in guessing that these are the first to have made it outside NA? I was pretty high up on the list…

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    I hear there’s a chap in Scotland with some!

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    Wow, those just showed up? I sent them a loooooong time ago. Must be Israel customs. That is the first cat I’ve seen with them.

    I have sets in Canada, Germany, Finland, England and Japan right now. This blows my mind! The internet age is amazing.

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    Yeah, israeli customs are my one true bane. There is nothing I hate more than the customs bureau.

    I’m only glad they didn’t hold it for further inspection (Then you would get them back in about 5 months because they never answer my faxes/phone).

    Congrats on the internationality, and here for a moment I thought I was special 😉

    I have them all set up and I can’t wait to ride them. I just hope the bent metal highback doesn’t give me too much trouble with my boots (la sportiva nuptse). I might need to get real snowboard boots in the end.

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    Just a follow-up to Will, SP, etc… Thanks for the tips. Did quite a bit more sanding with a sanding block a few weeks ago. Top and bottom edges of the pucks were VERY tight but finally got the binders to come off without throwing my back out. Also realigned the pucks as SP recommended. The Voile slidertracks work better than the puck template for that. Noticed that some rivets were tighter than others and the binder track would “jump” as it slides on the pucks, but seems to be breaking in now. Have gotten out on a few bc days since.

    Since I’ve never used the Voile slider tracks before I can’t compare but the Sparks work great! The BM toe straps work well as cap straps and the die-cut foam took away the heal hotspots (as I am using well worn Burton Hails). The pin lanyards work as long as they are not twisted. Only petty items is the adjustable toecap screw needs to be replaced with a real one as others noted.

    Thanks Will!

    @Will wrote:

    B-P: I would say that in general they won’t fit most bindings, there’s quite a variety of mounting hole patterns on the heelcups. I can send you a pdf with the hole pattern if you want to check it against your binders, send an email to

    radam: Hmmm. Do you think it’s the rivets rubbing on the top sheet that’s causing the tight fit, or how the binding grips the pucks? If it’s the rivets you can shave a little off with a file, I’d only do that if one has a high point sticking up. If it’s the track gripping the pucks sanding the pucks is the only fix that’s easy to do. You might want to use a sanding block to ensure that you’re sanding them flat. Glad to hear you have the gaskets in place. If you’re still having trouble email me some pics and we’ll get it figured out.

    gotta split
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    Hey BSOE do you still have those BM. if so I would take them off your hands. PM if you still have them I’m in CB. Hope you still have them.

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    Are the Spark bindngs going to be available before the snow melts this season? What number is being serviced right now? What’s the average production time for a pair of bindings? I really wanted a pair for this season to go with my new board, but at this rate I’m thinking I will see them in the middle of next season… roughly about a year from now. 🙁

    I assume Will is building them as fast as he can, but I’m growing impatient. Sorry for all the questions, but I need to know soon. At this rate it looks like I may be forced to buy some other brand of bindings and use the crappy Voile set-up so I can go ride.

    Tip for Will: Today sponsor people to help with production. Tomorrow sponsor team riders!!! 😉

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    Interestingly enough, Erik is upstairs right now taking apart all the bent metal bindings I bought!

    Yoda you’re number at about #59 or so right now, so it definitely won’t be next season. It took me a few months just to get my sourcing stuff figured out. Now it’s more streamlined so production can be more continuous. We appreciate your patience.


    Will – nice looking product you’ve got going. TWo questions for you.

    1. What are my options if I don’t like the bent metal bindings?

    2. DO you have plans for a medium sized product?

    Appreciate your answers. LAYC

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    @LaughingAtYouClowns wrote:

    1. What are my options if I don’t like the bent metal bindings?

    2. DO you have plans for a medium sized product?

    Look at the many mods in the forum – bcrider has his set up to essentially be Burton C60s, someone else put drake straps/highbak, IIRC.

    As for the size – I think by moving the highback and playing with the straps you should have a very big range of sizes. My mountaineering boots are like a medium boot, but my snowboarding boots are fat (also upsized) and all it took was repositioning the highback a bit (there’s a pretty big range).

    Good luck

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    @Yoda wrote:

    At this rate it looks like I may be forced to buy some other brand of bindings and use the crappy Voile set-up so I can go ride.


    ru saying you’re grounded untill your sparks come (as in you literally have nothing to ride)?

    Dude PM me.
    I can puralator you a pair of last years Mission bindings (in medium) that I won’t be doing anything w/ this season anyway (you can just mail’em back when your sparks arrive).

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    LAYC: nothingmuch pretty much laid it out for you. What size boot do you wear? There’s a really big and a really small boot in the binders at the top of this thread. If anything I’ll probably do a size small in the future as the binders are wide if you have really small feet, but one rider with a women’s size 4 hasn’t complained. I’m not planning on working around any other bindings right now, but there are some other parts that people have gotten to work on the reviews thread and earlier in this one.

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    What’s the scoop on these? The waiting list hasn’t been updated in forever… bueller, bueller?

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    1 Michael Henricks
    2 Sam Hill
    3 Chris Trudeau
    4 ride_pow
    5 ricorides
    6 Mooney
    7 paulinator
    8 Nathan Uter
    9 stomppow
    10 Kevin Di Lullo
    11 Derek DiLuzio
    12 Travis Smith
    13 Stefan Hoertnagl
    14 WClumberjack
    16 Chris Ondercin
    17 Cary Myers
    18 Brendan Childs
    19 Noah Winchester
    20 blue
    21 Steepy
    22 jackhennigan
    23 McLovin
    24 cowboy
    25 Michael Hampel
    26 Tyler Mahoney
    27 Travis Johnson
    28 Sama Blackwell
    30 samblack
    31 Patrick Flaherty
    32 Jan Nordman
    33 Matt the shop manager
    34 stumpalama
    35 Simon Bierbach
    36 Jeremy Vashon
    37 santi
    38 Nathan Ryan
    39 Craigh Hyslop
    40 Dennis Sanders
    41 Les Mennie
    42 Dan Gates
    43 Matt McDonald
    44 Seth Jansen
    45 Josh Carey
    46 Joel Ophoff
    47 Alex Baur
    48 Steffen from Germany
    49 Sang Ahn
    50 gearsandbeers
    51 Gabriel Gakwaya (from Vancouver)
    52 Edward Call
    53 Chris Egge
    54 Jerome Bulle
    55 Becky Miller
    56 Trey Chandler
    57 Zoltan Olah
    58 Dax Kelm
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    61 Mark Weinrobe
    62 Tim Rantz
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    It’s huge! Now serving #’s 1 – 45. The first lot that I busted out was largely an experiment, involving too much outside work and expense. The way things caught on it became very important to bring those things in house. So we bought a laser engraver, brought the machining in house requiring a few thousand in tooling, and learned how to make our own pins. I also designed the next binder and got the crampons out there (only in the last 24 hours, email notifications sent). More on that end:

    I’m pleased to unveil the Ignition II binding. This binder is built around the Bent Metal Restraint. This binding is a little lighter (989 g per binding with pin), has better hardware, and has a one piece molded highback for increased comfort. This highback also has convenient holes for rigging a booster strap for added edging power in touring mode. The highback is also tilted back more than on the Bent Metal Baseplates, so the lowest forward lean setting is more straight up, making for a longer stride on the flats.

    Ignition II completes sell for $365, baseplates only for $215. The hole patterns for the heelcups are different than the Bent Metal Missionary Bindings used with the Ignition I bindings. Restraint binding parts are not compatible with Ignition I bindings without modification. We will continue to stock the ignition I baseplates for people that want to use their own Missionary binding parts.

    Crampons are now ready for the Spark R&D Ignition bindings. Click here to see a youtube movie on them: These crampons sell for $85 plus shipping. We currently have red and black, green and burnt orange available in the next week or so:

    We’ve also re-anodized some split hooks from our friends at Voile:

    It can be helpful in transitions to have different colored hooks on your board halves (one color on one half, one color on the other). These sell for $18 per pair or $35 for a set of four.

    Spare pin sets are also available for $28

    We also have t-shirts for $10 in sizes xs through xl in many colors:

    We hope you’ve had a great winter, and are getting after it this spring and summer. If you’re interested in making any purchases just drop us an email or give us a call. I’m a sponsor of the which looks like it’s going to be an awesome event. If you’re in Whistler next weekend drop by for a demo and say hi. My apologies for he slow production this winter, you’ve got to learn how to crawl before you learn how to run.

    Thanks for your support,

    Will Ritter, Owner
    Spark R&D

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    FKNA Will, perfect timing! Crampons on order, just in time for spring season in the Sierra. The new version of the binding looks sweet, the highback was one of the main issues I had with v.1. Keep up the great work, and have fun up there in BC!

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    Wow! I really like how the crampons work! On the fly is a huge advantage!And the new bindings look great! I better start saving!

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

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    OK, so I know I got hurt and haven’t been able to to send you some money yet, but what happened to my #1 ranking?! Although I probably won’t be able to get me a pair until next season (yeah, I already have a list of gear for next season – it’s a sickness, I tell ya) I felt pretty cool being #1 at something for once in my life! For real, though, does the extra climbing bar give extra heel lift? It was a bit tough to tell in the video. If it does, you just completed the splitboard engineering Triple Crown – Sparks binders, easy install crampons, and multi position heel lifts. I can’t even think of any more improvements, unless you know of some secret edge and base materials that can’t be busted up on rocks, or skins that install with the flip of a switch. Hot damn, nice work!

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    For mountain plates, do you think you could notch out the slider plate to fit the cross bar from your crampons? Of course, that would be voiding the warranty, and I would never do anything to void the warranty, but, uh, I’m just wondering, you know…


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    FNA Will you rock. I’m eager to see my number come up. I love the drop in crampon with the free, locked and variable elevation mode. That was the best part of the burton system missing with the voile interface. I also like the Ignition II highback and strap design over the I series. It is fun to read the posts of your trials and tribulations getting you to this point. More impressive is how you are taking your time, getting tons of feedback and how stoked everyone is the moment their Sparks R&D care package arrives in the mail. I have been touring the past two trips in my soft bots and bindings vice my AT/plate bindings in anticipation of coming to the top of the your list. I may actually be in the next broduction period. It may be spring, but so what, I’ll find somewhere to ride.

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    Damn what a fine setup! Can hardly wait for my set 😈

    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
    162 Furberg


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