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    @powderjunkie wrote:

    You suck Chris. 😈 Can you ride on friday? 😀

    That’s the plan! You rollin’?

    Holla! 8)

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    I edited my original post regarding sizing, check it out.

    BCR: The mods coming already? Sweet! I encourage everyone to hack and modify their stuff so it suits them. As you might guess I’m a total DIY kinda guy, and I would like to see the attitude towards products change, with more people doing their own mods to tune things just right for themselves. I’ll post the good mods on my website, and they might get incorporated into future designs.


    @bcrider wrote:

    @DentalFlossTycoon wrote:

    Rode a test pair up in beehive basin this past weekend

    Any thoughts on the Bent Metal highbacks DFT? These bindings rock for sure but the highback concerns me. It looks like my C60 highbacks will work with some mod-work and I should be able to add my toe-cap straps too. 8)

    Dremel and beers tonight…finally ridding on Thursday-Friday. :thatrocks:

    I had no problem with them, the pair I used had the extra padding in place at the bottom of the high back to make up for possible discomfort from the connection of the plastic high back to the metal swing arm. If you have a hot spot in this place, I recommend applying the padding Will includes. (the hot spot typically is near the top of your achilles – perhaps good idea to test to see if you feel any protrusion through your boot before a full day of touring)

    I also tried the most relaxed angle setting for the highback for touring and then switching to the most forward lean for riding. I guess this was a decent advantage but then again I simply left it in the most forward position for the rest of the weekend which didn’t bother me at all. The less I have to remember to change at transition the better – worked fine for me.

    No need to attach someone elses cap strap as the bent metal toe strap works as a cap or toe, which ever you prefer, give it a try before you attach someone else’s cap. I rode all weekend using Mervin’s toe strap as a cap.

    Other observations:

    We have some bc areas here where I the out track is up and down and sort of long where a switch to ski mode is an advantage for getting out – the Spark binding makes the split ski a lot better and this is where I really noticed the stiffness of this binding has an advantage – making turns/slowing down on a fast packed out track, skinning up off fall line and gasp…skiing pow (yup, I’ll be tellying this biatch exclusively by the end of the season) 😉 The Sparks of course add overall stiffness to the boards ride in ride mode – another definite advantage but they def. are not too stiff.

    I rode them on a voile mojo 171 – holy shit this strap style set up is LIGHT a bomber set up for solid and light. Simplifies the the whole strap style system in all areas – transition, riding, pin insertion etc.

    Plain and simple they Rock – I doubt I will ever mount a voile base plate to a typical binder again after getting these.

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    Hey, Will! Why aren’t I #1 on the binder list?

    I’ve been putting up with you and your “great ideas” for years … doesn’t that count for something? 😉

    Just so you all know, this guy has been working from 6am-10pm for the last 3 months. I FINALLY got him to go skiing (or, you guys probably call it shredding) with me on Sunday – perfect bluebird day – but of course, that means that y’all will get your bindings one day later … deal with it!

    Seriously, thanks for all the support, split-nerds. You guys are great!

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    awesome will,
    got your email last night. very psyched as we’ve been splitting alot lately and can’t wait to get my paws on a pair. just out of curiosity sakes, could you or bcr post the following dimensions for me

    1. width of binding between sides of the heelcup where the heelcup attaches (with heelcup in place but no screws, the open space between)

    2. length distance from center of front heelcup mounting hole to back of the actual heelcup

    3.distance between heelcup mounting holes on the sides of the actual spark baseplate, center to center ( i know there is like 5 holes, just wanna know distance between one to the next)

    4. height distance from center of heelcup mount hole and the top of the heelcup

    i have a few ideas and this will help me decide between completes or just baseplates. thanks a bunch in advance, i’ll be in touch in the next few days to get paid up.

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    ah whatever I’m sure you can hack it
    what are your mod ideas already? 🙂
    I’ll just pick the completes up and ride em a bunch, and think about mods as time goes on (seems as if useful personal customizations to these bindings will only be minimal, since they are the PERFECT general splitboarding binding for everyone)


    Oh yeah, fwiw other than the attaching padding on the highback I saw no need for ANY mods to this system after 2 full days of touring.

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    @stomppow wrote:

    what are your mod ideas already? 🙂

    The highback.

    I’m not a fan of the bent metal highback and I don’t think adding some padding will help. Not a big deal though, I can put other ones on. 🙂

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    Telegirl strikes again! No waiting period for the ladyfriend. If you guys are stoked on your bindings you’ll have to buy Becca a beer at scrubfest for putting up with my schedule for the last few months. You can’t do better than a girl that will spend her whole sunday cleaning your shop so you can get things done, and she loves to ski the BC too!

    Unruly Baker
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    @bcrider wrote:

    @stomppow wrote:

    what are your mod ideas already? 🙂

    The highback.

    I’m not a fan of the bent metal highback and I don’t think adding some padding will help. Not a big deal though, I can put other ones on. 🙂

    What about the BM highback specifically? And do Burton highbacks fit? I know you’ve had a set and have tinkered a little. I have a set of Mission Cartels and 2 sets of P1’s, so if the BM highbacks suck I sure hope one of the others I have fit.


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    117 stumpalama

    SWEEET! I like the black bases! Fo sho!
    Nice work Will, and congrats on getting the production up and running.

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    This is great news. I’ve been using the last run of the out-of-production Burton Interface on an S-series 165 for 2 years. Last week I mounted the voile interface to my new 06/07 S-series 168. IMO the old Burton interface gives WAY BETTER board feel. Just look how much more contact area the Burton interface has when compared to the Voile interface. Yes, there are ice-up problems (lube fixed that) and sure the elevators were destroyed within 1 year but I came up with some Pipe Bomb Elevators.
    Anyway The Ignition Split Bindings look as thought they will out perform both the Voile and Burton interface. I can not wait to find out!

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    Bought and paid for baby…………..bought and paid for!!!!!!!!!

    Roll on brother Will!!!!!!

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    There’s an option for those of you who have been waiting and just can’t wait no more. I made an agreement with Jay Moore, owner of world boards to do a limited release of bindings with him while working on filling the orders of people who have been waiting for a long time. I sold Jay five sets of bindings, two of which are going on the shop splits, the other three sets are for sale. In order to make a good margin Jay is marking them up to $399, so if time is more important than money this may be a good option for you. The number for world boards is 888.360.1080 or 406.587.1707, and you can check them out on the web at

    Thanks for your support! I’ll be assembling more sets for shipment today, and then closing the factory for a week while we head home for christmas. I hope all of you have a good one, if that’s what you’re in to. Or in the words of BSOE, happy Kwanzaa, Muthaphukka!

    karma surf
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    Received my Ignitions yesterday, threw them on the scale next to my C60/slider track rig. I just shaved .5 lbs on each foot, have a more stable platform, and “on the fly” highback adjustability for the ups/downs. Nothing like a new toy before a big 4 day weekend of nailing it! Thanks Will, you just added more vert to my days… Best Wishes Spark R&D, and Happy Holidays!!!

    Unruly Baker
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    @karma surf wrote:

    Received my Ignitions yesterday, threw them on the scale next to my C60/slider track rig. I just shaved .5 lbs on each foot, have a more stable platform, and “on the fly” highback adjustability for the ups/downs. Nothing like a new toy before a big 4 day weekend of nailing it! Thanks Will, you just added more vert to my days… Best Wishes Spark R&D, and Happy Holidays!!!

    There you have it! If it’s good enough for KS of Voile it’s good enough for me. Payment sent. Looking forward to trying them. These may get me out of my hardboots for BC pow days. Still think I’ll rock hardboots on days with icy skin tracks and up and down exits though.

    Thanks Will! Looking forward to getting them.


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    @Unruly Baker wrote:

    What about the BM highback specifically?

    Specifically, they are too small and do not have enough padding for my old-man calves. The design is a little wack too where the metal and plastic highback meet. It basically produces a hotspot (see foam kit that ships with the bindings).

    I swapped out the straps too. The Burton straps are just a little nicer and fit my Burton boots better than the BMs.

    Mod was easy, I just need to trim the lower part of the Burton highback so it can lay flat now that I’ve tested them. Here are some pics.

    Having tested them yesterday, all I can say is FKNA!!! These things rule performance-wise and the weight reductions were definitely noticed on the skin track. 8)

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    hot damn those things look sexy. i have been planning doing a similar mod cause i am also a burton bindings slut. i picked up a cheap pair of 2-3 yr old missionaries on ebay for cheap which i plan to use for the heelcups…cheaper than getting them fabbed here in town most likely. they also have same highback as the one will is currently offering only in carbon fiber. i’m gonna check it out and see how they work, then either mod my cfx highbacks or get some team skybacks. i am also planning on using my leather burton boothaus straps and capstraps with the 2 piece ratchets that i love so much. anyhow, nice mod…i wish companies would send me as much gear as they send you. doesn’t seem like you have any shortage of it.

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    Greetings from Minnesota!

    I am back here for the week to hang out with the fam for christmas, so the factory is shut down for a few days.

    From the designer’s perspective I went with the bent metal’s because they are a minimalist binding, attach easily to the baseplates, and have the forward lean cube which is perfect for splitting. I rode these last year when my boots were pretty spry and didn’t have any issues with them.

    I put in a few resort days on them this year with my boots more broken in and noticed a hot spot on my heel where the plastic highback ends at the bottom. To fix this I designed some foam pieces which I had laser cut and attached them around the highback to eliminate the pressure. If you have well broken in boots you may feel a hot spot, if your boots are brand new and have thick liners you may not feel a thing. I’m not attaching the foam at the shop because I don’t want to put anything on these binders that you don’t need. So that’s the scoop. I’m stoked to see some other parts modded on there, it’s all about choice and getting your setup dialed in. If we all had it exactly our way there wouldn’t be two identical rides out there.

    Thanks for posting that BCR, you’ll have to let us know how they run.

    Made it past the solstice everybody, more sunshine from here on out!


    bcrider, I notice you have a fair amount of extra material below the fulcrum point of your modified highback, does that interfere when collapsing the highback (folding it down)? I imagine you created a new fulcrum point for proper alignment with the missionary by redrilling, correct?

    Also, did you have to use a non burton ladder to attach them to this system (mount holes through the base of the ladder) or did you mod by drilling your own holes through the burton ladder?

    I’m happy with the missionary highbacks at the moment (i did use the padding kit have a pretty well used soft boot where I felt the hotspot) but your mod is good info for the future if I end up trying something with a burton highback/straps.

    I never have really been a Mervin binding fan (always rode burton binders/boots) but have to say I was surprised how much I didn’t mind the Mervin minimalist system. Until it shows me serious drawbacks I’ll continue to ride these Sparks stock. fwiw.

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