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    Sorry for the long silence, you can only post that they aren’t ready yet so many times. This last week we finally got things moved into production, once I’m back from Christmas we’ll be shipping a number of sets every day. I went back through all of my emails, pm’s, and people’s posts since I started talking about my bindings and came up with the following priority list (hard to tell if some comments are preorders or not, so I erred on the side of caution). If you want a quick way to see where you are on the list you can hit control f to search within the page. If you’re on there twice with your username and your real name let me know and I’ll delete the extra one. Also, if you’re not going to order let me know as well and I’ll take you off the list. I’ll get in touch with people individually when their bindings will be done within a few days, and we’ll coordinate shipping, payment, color choice, and whether or not you need completes or baseplates only (for those of you that have bent metal missionary bindings already.) If you would like to be added to the list please send me an email at

    The binding is currently offered in one size which a friend with size 12 boots fits just fine. I’ve also put my gf’s size sevens in there and they seem to fit pretty well. Here are some shots of each in action:

    The big boot is about 12.8″ long (32.7 cm) and 5″ (12.7 cm) wide. The little boot is 10.75″ long (27.7 cm) and 4.375″ (11 cm) wide. With the narrow boot you might want to put some foam shims in there to take up the extra width. (If you have a huge foot you should get on the Venture Divide wide, 28 cm waist width.)

    I do currently have a crampon proto, which you can see more about on page two of this thread:
    I’ll get that in production later, I’m not even going to try and put a date on it, the magic eight ball is out of order.

    At this point I’m not including the baseplate padding. I haven’t been stomping too many 20 stair sets to flat on my split. I’ve been out with and without the padding and I seriously can’t feel the difference. I’d like for people to try them without the padding and see how it rides. If you feel you need it after trying it without I’ll get you hooked up. I feel like it’s extra bulk and weight you don’t need, but if ya need it ya need it.

    Complete $340: A complete set of bent metal missionary bindings plus the Spark R&D Ignition Baseplates and pins.

    Baseplates only $215: For those that already have a set of the bent metal missionary bindings, just the Spark R&D baseplates to go with them.

    Shipping: Domestic shipping varies from $8 – $17 for ground service. Whistler BC is around $25.10.

    There may be some additional taxes and fees depending on where you are and how payment is made.

    That’s the scoop everybody. I’m really stoked on how these are turning out, feel free to email with any questions. Thanks again!

    1 Jack Russell
    2 Ray Tex P420
    3 rms56
    4 SRA
    5 Unruly Baker
    6 Killclimbz
    7 powderjunkie
    8 Doug Ohi
    9 Brad Samuelson
    10 Matt Schultze
    11 David Reichel
    12 Bentley Blaho
    13 MtnMan
    14 endo
    15 T
    16 Wyomingsplit_ride
    17 vtrider
    18 Reichard Markus
    19 Robert Buchwald
    20 lifelinksplit
    21 John Quesenbury
    22 Greg Johnson
    23 Mike Bennett
    24 Yuval Kogman
    25 Daniel Longfellow
    26 Greg Logosz
    27 Sboarder07
    28 John Schaller
    29 Jim Wintermyre
    30 Hunter Lyng
    31 Russell Kramer
    32 scm007
    33 Chris Towles
    34 Hikeforturns
    35 Ric Widenor
    36 snownskate
    37 Barrows Worm
    38 lonerider
    39 Chad Brown
    40 Steven Lee
    41 derm75
    42 Nikki Platte
    43 Zak Brown
    44 Travis Johnson
    45 Jason Kramer
    46 Jason Douglass
    47 Ben Ehlers
    48 Steve Ritter
    49 mc1212
    50 el diablo
    51 Graeme Asher
    52 Romian
    53 Josh Osbourne
    54 Mike Horn
    55 Steve Downes
    56 Mark Precious
    57 Latimer Watson
    58 Tor Anderson
    59 Jeff Caron
    60 Tom Murray
    61 Jason Skipper
    62 Brian Demsky
    63 Dave Fullers
    64 Damian Banwell
    65 rapskallion
    66 ale_capone
    67 Derek
    68 powder_tracker
    69 Michael Henricks
    70 Sam Hill
    71 scruffy
    72 eknomf
    73 Chris Trudeau
    74 Alex Platt
    75 ride_pow
    76 Seth Lightcap
    77 ricorides
    78 Matti Finholm
    79 Mooney
    80 Paul Kim
    81 paulinator
    82 Nathan Uter
    83 Bendsplittin
    84 stomppow
    85 Kevin Di Lullo
    86 Holger Knauss
    87 Matt Marion
    88 Derek DiLuzio
    89 Skylar Holgate
    90 Travis Smith
    91 Stefan Hoertnagl
    92 Matthew Gruber
    93 Kyle Martens
    94 WClumberjack
    96 Chris Ondercin
    97 Cary Myers
    98 Bindu Pomeroy
    99 Matt Stouder
    100 Brendan Childs
    101 Noah Winchester
    102 blue
    103 Ed Burns
    104 Steepy
    105 jackhennigan
    106 McLovin
    107 cowboy
    108 Michael Hampel
    109 Tyler Mahoney
    110 Sama Blackwell
    111 Nico Nusca
    113 samblack
    114 Patrick Flaherty
    115 Jan Nordman
    116 Matt the shop manager
    117 stumpalama
    118 Ben Pezaro
    119 Simon Bierbach
    120 Dustin Bambrough
    121 Jeremy Vashon
    122 Amy Bartoletti
    123 santi
    124 Nathan Ryan
    125 Craigh Hyslop
    126 Duncan McCallum
    127 Dennis Sanders
    128 Rene Schulze
    129 Les Mennie
    130 Dan Gates
    131 Matt McDonald
    132 Troy Marino
    133 Seth Jansen
    134 Josh Carey
    135 Joel Ophoff
    136 Alex Baur
    137 Steffen from Germany
    138 Sang Ahn
    139 gearsandbeers
    140 Gabriel from Vancouver
    141 Edward Call
    142 Chris Egge
    143 Jerome Bulle
    144 Becky Miller
    145 Trey Chandler
    146 Zoltan Olah
    147 Dax Kelm
    148 Chris Doles
    149 Steve Lim
    150 Mark Weinrobe
    151 Tim Rantz
    152 Martin Glaubitz
    153 Matthew Steinwand
    154 Travers Smith
    155 Amanda Allen
    156 Erik Acanfora
    157 Clint Morgan
    158 Jim Jarnagin
    159 Mike Kunka
    160 Bryan Gleason
    161 Justin Delemus
    162 James Lane

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    Woot, now I don’t have to repair my current bindings for Chamonix! you just made my day!

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    Question: what type of payments will you be accepting? Cash, check, money order, credit card, hookers and blow etc.

    Looking good!

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    Dude, 107 is totally my lucky number too. But how’d that sumbitch Unruly Baker get all up front?

    And yes what all forms of dirtbag payment do you accept? Credit cards, half a bag of premium dogfood, some jade rocks, Schlitz, a lightly used vacuum cleaner, password to my porn sites, pics of my ex…

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    Great news Will!!!!!!!!!!! Red please……… fit a size 9.5 Driver boot. Direct me to the check out counter. 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

    Unruly Baker
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    @FLOWTORCH wrote:

    Dude, 107 is totally my lucky number too. But how’d that sumbitch Unruly Baker get all up front?

    Cause that’s how I roll biatch! 😛

    Spot #6 goes to the highest bidder.

    Just kidding, think this might be my only split related purchase this year. Completes, medium, black or blue.


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    I’ll have my business paypal account up and running in 3 days or so. I’ll get a stack of bindings together so once that’s good to go I can start shipping these. Paypal takes most payment forms, but I don’t think they take dog food or Schlitz! Maybe once we have web 3.0……

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    yee yeeah! yeeah!
    I’m both #96 and #104
    I’ll order em as soon as you got your payment system up and running

    an honor to be the first in line of a revolution in splitboarding 🙂 the talk on these babies is going to disseminate to the far reaches of every splitter house in British Columbia that’s for sure, I bet even new-to-backcountry people will be talking about them on chairlifts

    2 questions:
    -are crampons a possible future addition, or are they already included, or are there no plans so far?
    -is the padding standard? I like padding 🙂

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    Nice! Congrats Will. It looks like you have enough people in line to keep you busy for a while.

    And I spent all that time aligning new bindings on my plates too…

    If you get to me before New Years I might just have to pick them up in person.

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    You mean you guys haven’t gotten yours yet? 😉

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    I edited my post above, I think I answered all of your questions.

    BCR, what a tease you are! Now that you’ve been getting stuff from all of your sponsors you’ll have to post the full quiver.

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    I never use that term unless I really mean it.


    Can’t wait to get my pair.

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    Congrats Will.

    Your PM box is going to fill up quick.

    BCR better have paid full price. 😀

    You suck Chris. 😈 Can you ride on friday? 😀

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    well, no matter how poor i am, i guess as #1 on the list i have no excuse not to get some this season. 😀 😀 😉

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    Nice, I’ll ride’em without the padding, and get a set of crampons whenever you come out with them (I assume the voile crampons don’t work with the Ignitions) No rush, thanks so much for all the work you’ve put in!

    it seems I’m #88 as well 🙂

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    What kind of boots were the size 12s that worked? I have size 12 malamutes and I’d sure like a set of these…

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    I also have size 12 Malamutes. I just measured the sole–12.45″x4.5″

    I know you posted the baseplate demension but I couldn’t find the thread.

    Anyways, I’m in fo sho if they fit. Congrats on the progress. At this rate you’ll make, what, $1.00/hour. Hang in there, the rewards are over the long haul. Can’t wait to ride them!!!


    Rode a test pair up in beehive basin this past weekend – you all will not be disappointed, they excelled in every category and fully live up to the “hype”. Worth every hard earned or shady penny.

    My feeling: Once you go Spark you’ll never go back.

    Thanks Will, see ya later this week.

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    Those look sweet. I don’t know how I got to be #15 on the list, but I ain’t complainin’.

    Will, I’ll be in touch.

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    @DentalFlossTycoon wrote:

    Rode a test pair up in beehive basin this past weekend

    Any thoughts on the Bent Metal highbacks DFT? These bindings rock for sure but the highback concerns me. It looks like my C60 highbacks will work with some mod-work and I should be able to add my toe-cap straps too. 8)

    Dremel and beers tonight…finally ridding on Thursday-Friday. :thatrocks:

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