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    Wanted a DIY splitboard that I could tweak stance angle on and switch between regular/goofy swallowtail. After how easy the new spark pucks installed, it’s the only thing I’d recommend to someone doing a DIY.

    The open channel and the ability to move the pucks towards heel/toe make a DIY install really easy. The combination of edgeways and tip-ways (sideways and forward/back) movement allows easy adjustments in stance angles, toe/heel drag fixes, and switching between stances with a limited # of t-nuts. And you don’t need a perfectly measured and aligned voile factory hole pattern to make it work because of how adjustable the pucks are around the aluminum centering plates and screws. I’d encourage anyone attempting this to still be careful and make good measurements and marks for your t-nuts, but the spark parks don’t require that the t-nuts get installed perfectly like the old voile diy pucks do.

    To install the screw/t-nut holes, I set the pucks down in the provided mounting tool in a neutral position (0 angle and centered on the grooves for the edgeways adjustment), and marked a line down each channel. The channel is 5cm long inside the groove. I center punched and drilled three holes along the line- at each end and one in the middle. For the front foot I extended the line to about 7.5cm so I could set a 4th hole for each puck, since front foot is where most people use more angle and give option to he widen stance further.

    Very low stress mounting and I am amazed at how adjustable it is for stance angle, toe/heel drag reductions, and even switches to regular/ goofy. Using Spark pucks, you can get away with the slightly off t-nut or drill hole and avoid grinding pucks or kicking your bindings onto those slightly off voile pucks.

    Rear Pucks


    Rear Hole Pattern

    Front Hole Pattern

    Front Puck Alignment for Marking Holes

    Spark Pucks and hole pattern

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    I’m interested in seeing what you did but your pics aren’t working. Any chance you could send me a link?

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    @Splitbend – Rightclick on the pics above and view them in a new window.
    He did a sweet job of adding four rows of T-nuts or quiverkiller/bindingfreedom inserts to his beautiful swallowtail.
    In addition to the full rack of 8 x 8 solid inserts, he has 18 in the rear and a whopping 20 in front!

    #weightisnotanissue #slowupraddown *thatrocks*

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