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    Just got these babies today! Too bad it will be 6-8 weeks before I can try them…





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    Too bad it will be 6-8 weeks before I can try them…

    I think you meant, “Now I have 6–8 weeks to dial the shit outta may rig and surf holes into my living room carpet.”
    Looks sick. Let us know how much toe/heel adjustment you get with these.
    Finally, pucks get an update—the only part of the spitboard which has not changed since the 90’s.

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    I just order a pair of those myself. Should be here by the end of the week. I’m curious to check out the new spark high back as well.

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    My spark pucks came in the mail. I mounted them on my Jones Solution and so far I have nothing but good things to say about them. Things that I noticed
    – Very easy to install
    – Stance width and angle options is much improved
    – Pucks seem stiffer and more solid
    – The interface between the pucks and the bindings is great. They have a tight precise fit but the bindings slide on and off well.
    – My board halves seem to fit together snug and tighter and they align up better at the tip and tail
    – Pucks seem to have a lower profile, bindings will be closer to the board
    – The aluminum disc seems like a great idea

    I haven’t put my boots on yet to center my toes and heels but I’m sure that will be just as easy. I did notice that they have made toe edge specific pucks and heel edge specific pucks. The toe edge pucks are longer length wise that the heel pucks. This will naturally offset the spark base plate more towards the toe edge. This may mean that I will want to adjust the heel loop on the bindings but I am not sure yet. Being that the pucks were made by Spark I assume this spacing is optimized for their bindings. So far so good……now I just need some snow.

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    I’m going to test mine this week, but definitely agree with the first impressions and comments above. Having the template made it so much easier to get a perfect mount of the pucks, so much better than my original split.

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    How come I see them as out of stock on the website. Where’d you get them?

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    I just ordered from REI. Had to wait a short time for the bindings to backorder, but only a week or two. Some of their stores have the pucks in stock.

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