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    I found that by running the wire through the toe strap that it keeps itself out of harms way while your boot gets in and out of the binding which is the danger period IMO.
    I now have confidence to use the LT pin again


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    Good tip Gnarly. I will try that. Spark is way cool and just sent me replacement steel ones at my request. It’s not enough weight savings to get all worried about anyway.

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    I just moved the attachment point to the side where the pin inserts, and in one case used some tele leashes that are coiled to reduce the free cable even more. Works nearly as well as eliminating the pins altogether (ALL HAIL MAGNETO!).

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    This tele leash is a great idea!

    Did you buy this in a sports shop as a ski accessory or from a DIY store?

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    I for my part used the pins without leashes and never lost one when riding, but when carrying the board in my hands 🙁

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    They are 7TM tele leashes. I got them a year ago and I don’t recall where. The website is

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    like stated, dont use aluminum pins with voile brackets. only the spark brackets. as a matter of fact, stay away from aluminum altogether unless youre a hobo..

Viewing 7 posts - 21 through 27 (of 27 total)

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