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    So last month I was lucky enough to score the last set of Sz Med Fuse’s from Salty Peaks… They said they sold 15 pairs in less than 24 hours… It was dumb luck that I called and they said they had one pair left….

    I didn’t lose that much weight over my old setup, I lost 233 grams/ 8.2 oz per binding, so I lost just over one pound total…

    Also as posted on another thread, contrary to what some people may believe, the bindings don’t rest on the board, but they are so stiff and ridged that I doubt it matters…

    The ride height of my boot off the board is now a little less than half of what it was before…

    The Bent Metal ankle straps were not really comfortable to say the least, in fact for me they sucked, but luckily my Salomon ankle straps bolted right on with the stock hardware, and after multiple days of coming out of the bobsled run that is the Mill D North exit, I can report that now the bindings are just as comfy as my old beloved Salomon bindings!

    As mentioned on another thread the pin cord is not going to last… I lengthened it to the max as per Will’s instructions, which has helped and slowed the progress of wear, but after every day of riding the cord shows more and more wear…

    Then in a Natty Light induced haze a simple solution occurred to me… Just sacrafice the old Voile pin cords… They popped of really easy and then I just drew it through it self and attached it to the pin!

    I also did have the heel loop binding bolts start to come loose, but a little Blue Loctite solved that issue easily!

    Overall, even though mods were made, for me these bindings are worth every penny! In ride mode they are so much more responsive and solid feeling than the slider plate/traditional binding setup… For me personally the slider pin was worth the price… It was such a pain to dig out the Voile pin/clasp from under my bindings with bare hands standing on a ridge at 10˚ with a 20 mph wind…. My hands would always freeze… Now I can do my whole switch over with my gloves on….

    FWIW, my boots, which are SZ 10, DC Focus, dual Boa, fit great in these bindings and have no wear issues at all…



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    Thanks man, this was very helpful as I’m in the market but can’t seem to locate a pair. Want to sell me yours? I’ll let you throw in that oh so sweet prior also =-)

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    I just modified my toe straps for cap straps. I found you can easily modify Burton parts with a simple drilling of a hole, and using the standard T nut, and insert bolts. I was a bit nervous not having a spare kit made when out in the BC. I now have a good spare kit, and comfortable cap straps. I’m sticking with the bent metal ankle straps. I’ll swap those out when they wear out.

    stoked to get back on the Fuses!

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    Excellent review pow_hnd, thank you!

    I got a heads up from Spark that they were sending the last batch of the season out to dealers so I immediately called Prior in Whistler and ordered a pair. If you live in the states, count yourself lucky. The Fuse come out to 475$ cdn after shipping and duty!!! I’ve been waiting 3 years for these puppies, hopefully they’re worth every penny.

    My only question is regarding sizing. I wear Driver-X 10.5 and have always rode Burton binders in a size large. I ordered a L from Prior cause all the Mediums were already sold out (and they haven’t even received them yet, nor will they appear on Prior’s website!!). I looked at the sizing chart on Spark’s site and the only difference between the M and L appears to be the width (both 9.2″ in length but 5.0 vs 4.76″ in width)? I guess it’s only 23 grams more for the Large in the end but I’m slowly turning into a weight weennie.

    Cant wait to fuse it up! Additional reviews/comments welcome!

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    I just got my warranty set of Fuse base plates a few days ago after blowing up my second pair of Ignition IIs.

    I have 3 days and about 12,000 feet on the Fuses. Two of the three days were wet down low, dry up high and I experienced significant accumulation in the voids by the toe straps. Today was a dry powder day from the bottom and I didn’t see any accumulation.

    I don’t think the weight savings is worth this void. The snow/ice was packed in there so densely I needed to chip it out with a screwdriver. I believe that without the void there wouldn’t be accumulation.

    Overall a huge improvement from the Ignition II’s though. Definitely stiffer and stronger.

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    Try some pam or tri flow on the bottom of your binders and see it that helps with the sticking.


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    TreePilot… Use some skin wax on the entire board, and your bindings. It works like a champ, and will keep the snow weight off your board. I usually carry a small little cube of skin wax, and it helps fo sure, meng!

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    I carry skin wax as well and put in on the bottom the bindings that day. I haven’t had a wet day since though (and hopefully won’t for at least another month!) I’ve previously tried skin wax on the top sheet and didn’t see very good results.

    Being a powder snob, I generally try to avoid conditions where skin wax would be needed 🙂

    Another 5,300 feet today and I’m liking the Fuses much more than the Ignitions.

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    So after more time on the bindings one more issue came to light… When following a tight skiers skin track I was every once in a while stepping on my pin cords… Then one day I ripped the cord off the ring that attaches it to the pin… So after Spark sent me some new rings (super quick i may add… got them the next day) I moved the rings to the inside of the pin, as the pins can’t be reversed like they could on the Ignition 2’s…. I also just modified my routine for where the cord is when securing the pin… After plenty of day’s of field testing I can say the issue is resolved… See pic’s



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    @SPLITRIPPIN wrote:

    I just modified my toe straps for cap straps. I found you can easily modify Burton parts with a simple drilling of a hole, and using the standard T nut, and insert bolts. I was a bit nervous not having a spare kit made when out in the BC. I now have a good spare kit, and comfortable cap straps. I’m sticking with the bent metal ankle straps. I’ll swap those out when they wear out.

    stoked to get back on the Fuses!

    This is good news, I have been contemplating this move for over a year now, but haven’t pulled the trigger. The BM ankle straps were too small for my wide feet/boot (K2 T1 12). I replaced the ankle straps with C60’s and have C60 toe straps that I would like to use.

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    A new concern has arose… The pins seem to be wearing through… I guess I’ll have to buy some new ones… Wouldn’t really want to trust these after they get about 1/2 way through… As much as I hated the Voile pins, my old ones had almost 4 full seasons on them with no signs of wear… These are 60 days old 😥 …. So I have to buy a new pair of $28 pins twice every winter?



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    Just one more reason I despise pin leashes all together but I’m glad you got a solution sorted out.

    As for pin wear and tear, it happens over time. I wouldn’t be surprised if Will comes up with a fix but for now replacing pins every couple years is a small price to pay for the benefits of the bindings in the first place. :thatrocks:

    New splitters have it so easy. 😀

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    Last night I was checking my pins after reading about the wear on here. I have some noticeable wear on mine
    as well and I have had the bindings for only about a month, with maybe 5 tours on them. Probably not even that many.

    I do love my binders, but disappointed a bit with the pins.

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    For all those experiencing pin wear… Have you noticed any wear down of the bearing or the holes of the binding itself?

    I would imagine Will engineered the pins to have a significantly lower material toughness (Toughness-ability of a material to absorb energy or to resist fracture when stressed) than the actual binding aluminum. That way the pins would be designed to fail before the base plates and much cheaper to replace. I thought I’d do a quick check but I couldn’t find what materials were used. All it says is stainless steel pins and aluminum base plates…not very specific. Yes I am an engineering dork.

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    okay, the pin wear issue prompted me to post. i’ve only about about 10 days on my fuse setup (just got back from some sick canadian powder) and i’ve noticed some serious wear. everybody else posted here talked about seeing the wear after 60ish days. i only had 10!! is there any thoughts or comments on this? what could be causing the excessively early wear? too many laps on big lines?

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    I have 35 tours on my pins (Ignition II bases) and had to change them out due to very obvious play while touring. The pins had deteriorated to about 80% the normal diameter where they interface with the touring bracket. Luckily I had another set.
    I didn’t see any wear relative to ride mode, nor could I see this happening. Assuming of course the puck setup has no play in it.

    Shark Snowsurf Chuna
    Voile V-Tail 170 BC
    Voile One Ninety Five
    Spark R&D Arc

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    That pin wear is really excessive. A couple possibilities come to mind,
    -the tour bracket has a burr in the pin hole
    -the pin isn’t tucked under the toe strap while touring

    It looks like the wear is happening at the tour bracket.
    I’ve been on the same pins for three seasons with Ignitions. Is this problem only happening to Fuses?

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    Earlier I had reported that I had no boot issues with my bindings… But now after almost a full season on the bindings, 60+ days… My boots have some wear issues…

    It is slightly possible that this wear has been amplified by my personal preferences… While in tour mode I don’t run my ankle straps that tight all all….



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    I get wear in the same spots on near the high back hinge, I know that southparksplitnek has the same issue with his sparks too. I run my ankle straps pretty tight, so I don’t think that is the cause. I think it is just wear from the repetitive movement.

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    I also have the same wear problems on both my boots (on each side of both boots). Really sucks to have holes in $400 boots to be caused by $300 bindings. I’ve tried to crank down the straps as much as possible during skin mode but it isn’t comfortable.

    I’ve tried to protect the already damaged areas a few ways..neither of which work consistently well… mole skin, duct tape and plastic adhesives (used as a chainguard for bikes).

    Looks like the heel cup is just too narrow. I was honestly disappointed when this happened on my first day out on brand new sparks. Now its been an entire season of just trying to minimize drilling holes in the sides of my boots.

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