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    Hi fellow splitboarders 🙂

    I’m new to the blaze bindings but I’m wondering if anyone has encountered this.

    The pin, when in ride mode, seems to hold my boots crooked or off center in the binding. I’m thinking of taking the pins in the vice and contouring the bent end to fit the base plate of the binding.

    FYI – I’m in size 13 thritytwo boots, with Large blaze bindings.

    Has anyone else bent their pin? Does anyone else feel the pin modifys how their boot sits in the binding?

    |And one other note, also pin related, when sliding the bindings onto the pucks for ride mode, I found that using the alignment tool made the distance (lengthwise) too long to fit the pin through. I shimmyed the pucks inward but now when the pin goes through it slips right through easy as pie. Should there be mild contact between the pin and the front puck to give ultimate stability? Or will that add undue stress?

    Thanks! Love this setup in general over traditional bindings on plates!!!

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    I also found the alignment tool left too big of a gap to fit the pins in on my board (older Voile Mojo SD 166), this was the case with the voile sliders as well as the sparks.

    There’s a 1-3mm gap between the two halves of my board in snowboard mode, which probably doesn’t help.

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    Flip the pucks or the Universal disks to correct your alignment issues. If you look carefully at the Universal (in-line slot) disks, they are not symmetrical. Try to reverse 1 or both discs to see if they align and or have to correct centering of the heel and toes.

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    Thanks for the replies,

    As to switching the pucks, I’m running about 16* front and back so I had to play with location and orientation for a while to actually get my stance. I’ll try flipping them though and see if I can’t get a more snug fit, I have a feeling the play in the pin will just allow the bindings to slide edge to edge while riding after a few bumps.

    Any input on the pins affecting your boots when you’re strapped in? Touring the site I foudn a few pics of older Spark bindings that must have been modded this way (contoured pin to base of binding) unless its something that they don’t do for the blaze units.

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    My pins do the same type of thing yours are doing, I don’t think it is a big deal and hasn’t damaged my boots.
    Try to get your boot where you want it in the baseplate then move the pin to rest against it and tighten the strap to hold the pin in place.

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    This is covered in the fitting instructions
    “Set up your Voile pucks with the ONE slot pucks on the HEEL edge of the board (using the two slot pucks on the heel edge can cause heel drag). If using the Voile puck tool you may have to move the two slotted puck in slightly to allow the pin to slide through.”

    They are designed slightly shorted than the standard Voile length. just a minor movement will make them work.


    Adam West

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    Thanks guys,

    Just wanted to say:

    I got an email a while back from Spark R&D regarding the pin issue. I used the board a fewtimes and seem to find that it was more the pin putting pressure on my boot then the boot actually shifting. I can feel the pin squeeze into the side of the boot a bit. After a few runs though – I really didn’t notice. No more a big deal then adjsuting to new pressure points on new bindings.

    Big thanks to spark R&D for being up on any issues (not that this was one, more of a question) I’m super stoked on these units!

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