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    On Friday the 7th of October, Nomad and i thought it would be fun to get all the splitters from the Bozeman area together for a gathering. The barbeque will be held at 413 Brady (basement apt.), around 7:30. Let me know what you would like to do about food, but BYOB. Dogs are more than welcome. Additionally topo maps, pictures and ideas for places to go this winter are also more than welcome.

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    dont forget da TR!! 😛

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    shite! i better start planning now. cool
    get hamburgers, buns, sausages, buns, condiments, big salad, potatoe salad. all hippies bring thier own veggie burgers, tofu and what have you.

    donations for food accepted at grill. 😆

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    Sounds good Dave. Hope all of you can make it. Try and let me know by wed. or so if you will be coming so i can figure out how much food i need to get. Also if anyone needs directions you can contact me.

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    that sounds like a good time. count me in. let me know if i need to bring anything more than beer!

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