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    Hi @shep & @HansGLudwig,

    Count me in to hit up Gorgonio, the eastside or other local mountains. I just saw a baldy forecast on for 47″ for the storms hitting today. I think we could have some good options this week / week-end?

    I have my two daughters ( 6 & 10) successfully sliding on planks the past two years. Worth the investment of a very good family sport / adventure.

    I’m signing up for the Jan 21-24 exum camp b/c I just couldn’t make the Feb camp work for my schedule and I really need to get into a guided trip this month!


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    I think I am going to get up early Sunday morning and go check out Mt. Pinos. I keep saying I’m going to take my daughter there to play in the snow, so this is partly knocking the rust off, partly reconnaissance for a family daytrip. If anybody is interested in meeting up, shoot me a PM. I can’t stay too long past noon, so it’s only going to be a half day for me.


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    I will be in mammoth 1/31-2/7. looks like up to 33″ thru monday woo hoo! ill be hitting the resort tue and probably splitting mid week thru the weekend if anyone wants to get out!

    Noah Dimit
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    Heading up to lone pine area tonight and spending three days around mountaineers route/ whitney portal area. It’s pretty warm up there right now, so I want to see the conditions before I commit to any routes. Anybody else up for a small tour?

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    Straight rolling to the Eastside later this week for some touring and JLA slalom fun… Looking to get out on Thursday 3/31 or Friday 4/1 if anyone is actually reading this thread any more and would like to venture out into a zone. Im open to anything from Bridgeport to the Bishop Creek…should be some fresh from the low pressure in the great basin right now with snow off and on through Wednesday then bluebird warm up…


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    I am new to split boarding but not snowboarding. Have not taken an Avy course.
    I’m in shape and ready to get out there!
    If anyone is looking for a partner anywhere in the LA area.
    Up for any level of intensity.

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    @mason I’m in LA too and looking for a partner to lean with (I see you have a little one in your profile pic. I’m a dad too) . I’ve gone on 2 guided splitboard tours. One last season and I just did Mammoth’s side-country tour that they just started offering this year. I’m still learning and I’ve never taken an Avy course. But if I find a partner to learn with, for sure need to take one. Let’s connect offline. Here’s my google voice number (don’t want to post my real number online). 323-544-3861 Text me your contact info and your email and let’s connect offline.

Viewing 7 posts - 21 through 27 (of 27 total)

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