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    A lot of people we know and don’t know have lost everything from this fire. On top of that, when winter rolls around they won’t have any winter clothing or ski/snowboard gear to enjoy the slopes or the bc.

    I’m sure donating $$, food and clothing is always a good idea, but I was thinking the collective can get together and donate used winter clothing and ski or snowboard gear to SLT residents that lost their stuff. It not all rich people who lost vacation homes.

    How can we make this happen? Someone willing in SLT to be the clearing house that people can ship stuff too. An appropriate way to distribute the stuff that is fair but prevents scammers from taking it.

    Maybe a thread that lists donated gear with pictures and another with a wish list. Set up sign up sheets in ski shops in SLT so we know who will need what.


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    Sweet idea. I’ve got several gear items that will only collect dust this winter unless a SLT local uses them.

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    I’m in! 8)

    May DD can be the clearing house?

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    That is a great idea! I have some stuff that I can donate and I’m willing to help out in any way I can.

    Also I have a spare room in my house, if you know of anyone needing a place to stay in SLT, temporarily, longer term, or whatever. Pets are OK too as long as they get along with my dogs. I was thinking about getting a roommate anyways. PM me about this if interested.

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    I’m in too… it’s a great idea!

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    Good idea! I could pitch in a couple things. I have a truck and would be willing to haul stuff up from peeps in the Santa Cruz/SF Bay area. I’ll be headed up to SLT tomorrow night and then could detour thru there again the evening of July 4 on my way to Quincy.

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    @powderjunkie wrote:

    It not all rich people who lost vacation homes.

    That’s a good point, people who were renting and didn’t have renters insurance and lost everything, could definitely use some help.

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    I’ve got some gear I could contribute as well. Great idea.

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    I have some gear that I can part with as well; I am down to help out any way that I can.

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    I have an extra Voile Split 166 for anybody affected by this fire (or any other serious misfortune).

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    Great idea – seems like others have had the same thought. For example:

    I’ve got some stuff I can contribute that I’ve been meaning to donate for a while now.

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    Haven’t forgot about this.

    It would be great if we could get a local board shop involved who could post updated lists of gear that we are donating as an attempt to get specific gear to those who need it, esp. any larger ticket items. Would still have a need for a local to recieve and hold the stuff.

    Or would a local shop be willing to distribute. Is any shop actively involved with donations or anything?

    At some point, I guess we’d just donate the goodies to a larger non-profit who is providing clothing and stuff to fire victims.

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    Let me know if you get anywhere on this (I’ll do the same). I brought a bunch of stuff up to SLT to donate, and it’s sitting in liketoride’s shed right now. Tried to contact the guy in that link posted above, but no response. Surely there’s a way to get gear to folks out there that can use it…

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    Good thinking folks.

    I have been out of town for the last month or so, but I would expect there is some sort of donation system out there. I’ve asked a couple folks and they said there were bunches of donation locations during and immediately after the fire, but nobody yet has come up with a place currently accepting donations. I believe the Red Cross has stopped accepting monetary donations specific to South Lake Tahoe. I think just donating stuff to the Attic (a local thrift store with benefits the local hospital) might be the way to go.

    Off the two folks that I know well that lost their places one had insurance so he is basically getting all new stuff, and the other was renting with no renters insurance so he is sorta screwed (he’s actually a little bummed b/c the only thing he had insured was his truck and that’s pretty much all he didn’t lose).

    I am sure there are families out there in worse situations than these two dudes, but I just don’t know any personally.

    I will ask around some more when I am back in good ol Meyers next week.



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    Hey, any updates on this? I’ve got a bunch of gear ready to donate, just waiting on a place that will take it and make sure it goes to someone who can use it. Checked with the guy in that Ridemonkey post I referenced but no response…

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    I haven’t found anything that seems to match up perfectly with what folks here are looking for.

    Sports LTD (local outdoor retailer) organized something where people who lost stuff in the fire could get brand new gear for free. They had some good brands participating.

    This website has a donation option. I think this charity was originally titled Locals Helping Locals (or something really similar). It seems like the best way to make a financial contribution.

    If anyone has a specific questions/suggestions please feel free to PM me.


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    Thanks for the info Dave. I’ll hit up Sports LTD and see if they have any thoughts.

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