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    Was thinking about taking a trip to South America this year. Looking at Chile, Argentina, Patagonia. Wanted to go a little late in the season. Early September to October. Was just wondering if anyone knows if I am going a little too late in the season or if maybe I just need to stay in higher elevations or more southernly or really anything for that matter. Any recomendable resorts, locations, anything you might know.

    I am a bit clueless right now so anything would help.

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    are you looking to ride? tour? or just hike around and enjoy? might be a silly question given this forum, but i want to double-check before i bestow my incredibly wise advice.

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    End of august/early sept is the best time to find the goods.

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    Right now I am looking for a little bit of everything. I am going to definetly ride alot of inbounds, off piste but ya touring is definetly something that I plan on doing. Its just a matter of how much I can force the other kid to do. He is more of an in bounds type… being an instructor and all. haha. But I am just looking for any kind of info from touring to inbounds, a cool place to stay or a good way of seeing an area. Anything.

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    OK, here’s my 50 cents on the major areas:

    Las Lenas, Argentina: Great off piste. Inbounds sucks, too many people, too few lifts. But if you go, you’ll need ample time there to get a few good days in. I was there for 5 last year and never got off-piste.

    Portillo, Chile: Can be expensive (there are cheaper packages), no culture, but great easy access OP.

    Chillan (Chile): Cheaper, Good terrain, on and off piste. But not as sick as Portillo and Las Lenas. Gets you away from Santiago. Tends to get more snow, but its got more moisture in it. For your group, this is the place!

    Bariloche (Catedral), Argentina: great off piste, too many people on piste. Get there from Bs As by plane. And cerro Bayo (a pit to the north of Bariloche), Great off-piste.

    Valle Nevado/La Parva/El Colorado (Semi connected): Cool places, easy access from Santiago and cheaper. Mostly Piste. But you could easily ditch your lazier friends and find some goods.

    Other really cool places in Argentina: La Hoya, Cero Castor (Ushuaia), Chapelco (crowded).

    I used PowderQuest tours on parts of two out 5 separate years. A bit pricy sometimes. But they helped me find my way around and Dave and Mike are pretty cool.
    ANy thing else? 🙂

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