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    Hi everyone, this isn’t split board related(yet) but I thought you guys would appreciate it.
    I have been making snowboards for the last few seasons and I wanted to share.

    The wood top swallows are from last season and I have moved away from veneer topsheets because the lack of durability. All the others are variations of the same shape and they are suuuuuper fun decks. #treeweasel If anyone is around the Eastern Sierra and wants to take one for a spin hit me up. I have settled on a 151 and a 156 solid, plus a 158ish with the swallow tail. These boards are pretty wide at 27-27.5 cm with around 30-35mm of taper. I am 150lbs. and the 151 floats like no other.

    I have been splitting for 10 years so making splitboards is really important to me and will happen in the near future. I wanted to make sure the solid works before committing to a shape in the split form. Thanks for checking these out. Cheers!

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    Beautiful work!!

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    Dig the swally’s!!! A little on the short side for my taste, but.beautiful craftsmanship nonetheless!


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    Beautiful boards, Darrick!

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    Yea, I’d definitely whistle at you if you floated by. Lookin’ good!

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    @chowtownsfinest Jimy – Aren’t you looking for a NoBoard recommendation?

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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