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    …Fallen Angel was checked off the list on Saturday. 🙂

    let me know if you want some beta.

    ps. thanks for your reference pic. 8)

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    😀 Good job BCrider. that line has been calling !


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    Alrighty, let’s see some sluff management pictures 😛

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    Yeah Jim… she’s ready, go get her. (actually with the new overnight snow you might want to wait 24hrs or so)

    For Fallen Angel I’d recommend going up the south face of angora to the saddle. This puts you right on top of the chute. Be careful going up from angora lakes as the slope is steep and could be subject to wet slides (just start early while its set up). As for the chute itself, no air is required but there were a few tight rock sections to negotiate. Also be aware of your sluff, the chute is tight so it’s easy to get caught in it as it (and you) only have one direction to go (down).

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    @mtnrider wrote:

    Alrighty, let’s see some sluff management pictures 😛

    paging mmcpheet. 🙂

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    @bcrider wrote:

    @mtnrider wrote:

    Alrighty, let’s see some sluff management pictures 😛

    paging mmcpheet. 🙂

    Here you go.

    The sluff begins.

    Riding it out.

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    SICK LINE!!!!! looks super technical.Nice work.

    I would love to see more pics if you got em, especially one of the entry.

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    looking good!

    is that in fallen angel?

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    damn – now I’m jealous of you californians again

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    Yeah that was a sweet ride! Finally a notch on my belt worth claiming 😀

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    Nice lines BCR… Fallen Angle looks pretty sweet… I spent Sat lift whoring at Squaw as I had a free pass I needed to use while the snow was still good ‘okay’. Wish I were in the bc instead…

    Oh well, my loss..

    Keep up with the good photo TR’s…

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Just hit up Fallen Angel on Saturday. There was surprsingly good snow in the upper section of the chute. About 1/3 of the way down where the chute narrows, there is a 6 ft section of rocks you need to ollie. Other than that, coverage was surprisingly good for this time of year. Thanks for the beta bcrider and suggestion about the acsent. Far better choice in my opinion than traversing from Echo. Thanks to you breadbox for the reference pic. I might have taken the dead end chute to the skiers right of Fallen Angel without it.

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    Nice work arash!!!

    Ps. The skier’s right side of the spine does go too. 🙂

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    Nice work guys.

    BCR-Did you know it was sluff or were you thinkin avy? Doesn’t look like there’s an escape. I’m thinkin I might have shit my pants.

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