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    I’m going to buy a Venture pretty soon, but I’m unsure about which one to go after. Can anyone offer a comparison between the storm and the zephyr? I usually ride at Mt baker, and will be out on Highway 20 this spring, if that helps.



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    I think the best people to ask that are Venture themselves. Email and I’m sure someone will be able to help best, but I’ll try my best to answer.

    I think first thing that comes to mind is availability, you have a better chance of getting a Storm this year then a Zephyr. They made more Storms and sold more Zephyr’s, because of backcountry’s review and forecast different. I talked to Klem about a month ago, and he said they had something like 46 left total for retailers. Who knows where it is at now.

    I personally have a Zephyr. I think it is pretty much my favorite board ever, and have a bunch of buddies that mimick that thought. I have never rode a Storm, so don’t take my word completely, but the Storm more powder specific. Stats wise the Storm has a bigger taper, and more setback. It is also a tad stiffer. They say it is better for speed, but I’ll be honest, my Zephyr flies faster then I would even care to get to, I’ve never maxed it out. It’s also really manueverable and locks in pow turns like whoa. I went the Zephyr route for a more all type of terrain board that is for freeriding. I felt the Storm had too much setback for my style, and on technical terrain, I’d rather have a Zephyr. I haven’t thought twice, but I would like to ride a Storm in a deep day in big terrain, to see what it is like.

    I probably would have liked either board had I gotten one. But email venture and they should help out.

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    Storm: more taper, more stance setback, a little stiffer, with a little more surface area in the nose.

    All of these features mean that the Storm is a little more suited to directional riding, and a little better in powder conditions. The increased stiffness also means that the Storm will be a little more stable at speed. For backcountry riding, in mostly good snow, I would recommend most good riders go for the Storm, unless switch riding is a big part of what you do. If you want to ride switch, the reduced setback and taper of the Zephyr will be a litttle more versatile than the Storm.


    i totally agree with the zephyr being the best board i’ve ever ridden. living in the kootenays, and mostly riding trees then alpine, the board can snap around a dime, allowing to stomp cliffs and slay into trees. the board pops higher then a kitten. So much snap. If your looking for an aggressive freestyle/freeride board. i reccommend this. i ‘ve been riding this board almost everyday for 6 weeks. even on the ski hill. sooo sick. i don’t know how many times i say this, but venture is the dopest company ever!

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    @summersgone wrote:

    I personally have a Zephyr. I think it is pretty much my favorite board ever,

    I have two Storms, I know it’s my favorite board ever. I ride Baker too, either board will stoke you out but the Storm is going to rock the Baker deepness a little better.

    @powslashingwigley wrote:

    even on the ski hill. sooo sick.

    Me too. It’s too good.

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    The Zephyr is pretty awesome. I picked mine up at a local mountain shop here as a package with hardware, skins, and crampons without really knowing that much about it. It was the best spontaneous gear decision I ever made. I like the directional twin design over pure directional boards. Its all about your riding style though. They still had a 168 zephyr hanging on the wall when I was there on wednesday…

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    thanks for the input, everyone. I had pretty much decided to get a 165 zephyr, but after seeing what chimera had to offer at the mt. baker splitfest, i think i ought to wait a while and see how they turn out. oh, well….

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    Now is the time to buy gear….

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    Any reservations I may have had re the Storm in technical steeps are now gone. Last week I rode the Notchtop Spire Couloir with it, including turns beyond 50 degrees, and it performed superbly (see TR with vid and photos in the TR forum).
    I am very impressed with how versatile this board is, deep pow to corn it rides great. The 166 is a little small for me for full on charging, but I really want a bigger Odin (173/175) for the big pow days, and will keep the Storm for the more techy lines.

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    Barrows: Awesome to hear your follow-up on the Storm and your TR. Are you riding this year’s Storm or last year’s Storm?

    PSA: Ebay 2011 Venture Storms 161/25 Splitboard Demo, Excellent! Starting Bid is $629, See

    Auction ends in < 18 hours.

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    I am on the 2011, Storm R Split, 166 x 26. BTW, HikeForTurns is riding the same board.

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    well…just picked up a 161, 25 waist Storm-R splitty on ebay new for a pretty darn good deal – was hoping to get a narrower Unity Dominion 159 split, but in the end it didn’t work out (at resorts, I ride a 159 Dominion solid most of the time and a 164 Never Summer Titan in the deep).

    the reviews for the storm specifically, and venture in general, have been pretty solid – hopefully I won’t really miss the lack of camber – I’ve never been on a board that was flat/rockererd.

    the last two years I’ve been on a 163 Sentury Team split – just looking for something that rides more like my Unity…hopefully this will be it. Will check back in when the snow flies…next week?!?

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    anyone got any thoughts if the zephyr will be too soft to ride with the burners and spark boot? cant decide between storm and zephyr. like the shape of the zephyr but im looking for something stiff, havent seen m in person yet.

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    Too soft? 😆 No way, soft is not in the Zephyr’s vocabulary. In all seriousness, I don’t think the flex is much different between the two, but I’m not uber sensitive. You’d be fine with either choice.

    christoph benells
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    nice im going zephyr then…

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    I got a Venture Zephyr 160 (26cm ww) this year and am stoked! Originally wanted the 164 but they were out of stock so I went with the 160, which is actually my shortest board with bindings. I’m 6’0″ and about 180lbs in street clothes, for reference. So far I’ve had zero float issues and am really stoked on the board. Seems to handle high speed straight lines no problem and is a blast in steep trees. My solid board is a Burton Malolo 162 to use as a comparison. The zephyr is stiffer and super fun. Build quality is excellent and would buy another Venture in a heartbeat.

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