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    I did a few hours of skinning this past weekend, a lot of it on flat and rolling terrain, and by the end of the day my lower back was really starting to hurt. The next day was even worse. I think I was arching my lower back to compensate for not being able to put my feet ahead of my body, which isn’t an issue on steeper terrain. Has anyone else experience this? Do you have any suggestions other than avoiding flat and rolling terrain? 🙄

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    I’m no physical therapist but I think it could be any of a number of things including what you said. Maybe your back isn’t used to carrying a pack?

    I mean no offense here but I suppose it all boils down to your torso being a little weak. You need a pretty solid torso (“core” is the current buzz word) to stabilize your upper body when you slide your skis forward and push your poles backward. XC skiing is a great exercize because it really works your torso. Skinning is just like xc skiing except you move slower and with even more resistance.

    I would try to start stretching more and do a lot of ab excersizes and back extensions. I know I have to do that every spring to get used to bike riding again or else my lower back kills me.

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    Posture my have something to do with it. When I stare at my tips instead of looking ahead I notice some discomfort. Try to stand tall and look ahead so your back isn’t hunched over.

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