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    I haven’t got much done this year outside of Tahoe and resorts. Thankfully, this last week I finally got on steep lines in good snow. Considering how dismal our winter was it felt nice to get some late season riding in.

    Last week jimw and I went out to check out the North Peak couloirs. We approached from the back and topped out to see it untracked and in prime conditions! 2 climbers (non skiers) were climbing it and they gave us a thumbs up on it being soft when they topped out.

    I’m jimw and this is MY bathroom!

    Conness. I’d hit two of these on the left next week.

    Looking into our line. You can see the heads of the 2 climbers coming up.

    jimw stoked!:

    I’m pissed we didn’t climb and ride this one too but it was getting late and we were both dragging a little ass. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t ride for 3 weeks :nononno: . It got hit the next day by a couple Tahoe locals and they said it was money:

    Our tracks:

    I went out on a solo mission to hit a couple lines on the north side of Mt Conness above the Conness glacier. It had snowed about an inch a few days prior. The new snow smoothed things out but was kinda sticky which is why I just rode the couloirs but didn’t ride down the glacier.

    Still good coverage for a low snow year:

    My lines:

    The snow surface was really firm and I was glad to have 2 axes and my crampons. I had to wait a while on top to let things soften. Oh yeah, my fitwells kick ass for kicking steps! I ended up booting this line twice to hit my other line. The second time up I cruised up in half the time due to it being soft and the booter already in.

    Time to shred it!


    My next line:

    Looking down:

    Dropping! (yeah, it was steep)


    Sweet stuff man! Lots of those pictures look kinda like the Andes, sweet to find cool places in the lower 48


    Great TR BGnight! Way to get after it.

    I’m blown away by the coverage for such a low year. I may need to make a trip myself for next weekend.

    Great parting shot of the Sawtooth (?) range. Was that from last weekend?


    Sweeeet! Looks like a blast man.

    I miss the Sierra! Thanks for the stoke!


    Great TR BGnight! Thanks for the late-season stoke.


    Awesome photos!!! Nicely done.


    Nice TR – always psyched for the BG stoke…

    Probably should have hit that area on 5/25, but was hoping to find some good snow off Sonora. Instead we found mostly dirt and suncups, though the Y Couloir looked sweet from a distance (we got a late start). The snow was so lame that we headed to Tuolumne to climb rocks…seems like we should have hit the Conness area.

    Walking on the PCT

    at least the view was nice

    slight chance for a volcano trip, but seems like i might not be making any more turns until the fall…


    Radness guys. I am so lame that I’ve missed eastside in the Spring 2 seasons in a row now. WTF? Need to get the sand out of my you-know-what.

    shoestring, keep hope alive! I’m heading up to Mt. Adams this weekend to keep the dream going longer!


    Nice job guys! Looks like a blast! :headbang:

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

    spruce cabin

    Beautiful! (Jimw, that is. :wink:)

    Wonderful pics all the way around.
    That last shot blows me away. :thatrocks: ‘Em are some lucky bovine!


    Nice work dudes. Yeah, that looked steep Brooks. :thatrocks:


    Giddee-up šŸ˜€ :drool:


    Awesome looking lines, and scenery! What a sick area you have there.

    Here’s to hoping you have better conditions this coming winter. :guinness:

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