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    I would to know if there are someone who know this kind of soft boots:Salomon Malamute and also this kind of attack:Burton P1.
    And maybe it is better to use this system:Step In Burton Moto.
    Please give me a suggest….. 😀 😉

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    Salomon Malamutes are an excellent soft boot. Actually a bit on the stiff side. I don’t know much about the Burton P1. The Burton step in system sucks. You might try going with the Salomon Malamute boot with a K2 cinch binding. The cinch is a super easy to get in and out of hybrid strap binding.

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    I’ll vouch for the Malamutes… Been riding mine for years… Stiffer than most, especially the latest model. Pretty bomber too. Not cheap, but you can find last years on sale for $150 or so if you look hard.

    Last year’s K2 Cinch bindings aren’t too bad. Adjustability of straps, convenience similar to Flow’s without quite as much bulk. Lotta moving parts though, so not sure how comfy I’d feel about them for longer backcountry trips… If I can’t fix something with duct tape and zip ties I think twice…

    Other lightweight bindings I’d look at are Ride Flight series, Mig’s or Tomcat… This year’s SPI’s are lighter weight too… Stiff, light, simple…

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    Thanks, your information have been useful. Now I must only see if I succeed to find the attacks that you have advised to me.

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