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    A few avy resources:

    Central Sierra snow conditions report (seems pretty much the same as last year but a different URL):

    Cyberspace Snow And Avalanche Center (CSAC):

    Right now they are having a fundraising auction. There are many cool items up for auction, including an Avy I class. The $25 membership fee is worth it for additional member benefits (discounts on avy-related gear, email subscriptions to snow reports, etc.). This one is not CA-specific.

    Eastern Sierra Avalanche Center:

    Apparently there have been some changes here this year. The forecasts here used to come from Tim Villanueva and the Bardini Foundation. This year it appears that there is an actual US Forest Service person whose job is avalanche forcasting (no knock on the previous reports, which were always great; just pointing out that this is being taken seriously enough now to have a full-time person doing it – no doubt the Sierra avy incidents last season have had some bearing on this). Check out the latest snow report. It’s very detailed, full of great info.

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