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    Decided to upgrade and try the rocker and magnetraction that the new school board have.
    Since the jones solution seems to be in high demand but scarce do to no fault of thier own i decided to pick up a 163 rossi experience,with a few tweeks this is the new ride.

    Third one i’ve split so far and putting the inner edges are going in easier as you don’t stress about how things will turn out.
    If the solution is anything like the experience they are ment to be ridden hard.with the overlapping homemade pucks it really felt solid and at 160lbs had to be on your game to ride it in tight trees.
    Hopefully when i try it with the pack on the extra weight will flex it more.

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    Nice work.

    How did you get the edges in so nicely. Is there a detailed method described?

    My mate an engineer was pondering how to insert those edges in a DYI.


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    Trial and error is all I can say
    Have a go but it takes a while to get it it sorted out.
    My sugestion is try it on few old boards first!
    Good luck

    Adam West

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    To get the edge straight and put the taper in i have use of a mill with a six foot travel table. To finish cutting for the edge i modified a router and used a 1/4 inch carbide burr that cut on the end as well, switched to a 1 inch diameter saw to cut the part that get recessed.
    the trick is to take succesive cuts, blow out between cuts.have the blade cut as slow as possible so you dont build up heat

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    looks sick john…can’t wait to see it in action!!!

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