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    VERY good news!

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    I get my season passes at Solitude (for the wife) and I’m still glad they were denied. Part of the reason you find solitude at Solitude is because its so small compared to the other 3 cottonwood resorts. Less people the better. Also I don’t like to see yet another canyon ravaged my man. Which is why I’m really hoping the tram expansion at Snowbird doesn’t happen. I proposed to my wife at the top of American Fork twin peaks and the last thing I want is a tram put there a building that you can see from Salt Lake. It’d end up looking like that fugly weather station above Farmington.

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    i was happy to see this.

    even though i hate the thought of another god damned tram, i’ll take that in order to protect white pine, cardiff, and days. which are all part of the land swap under the new wilderness bill Matheson is proposing.

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