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    Just had a demo of this board(solid) the other day and absolutely loved it. Has anyone else been on0 this year or have any opinions? I used to ride Ride Yukons(168s) for years, Lib-Tech Skunk Ape(167, Smokin KT-22(172). Looking for some camber and rocker for pow, I live in Telluride so definitely getting an all mountain board, but leaning towards big mountain. This BerZerker had the best of both worlds, thinking of even down sizing to a 165W to enjoy the resort a little more. Any feedback would be great…Thank you

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    Thanks for all the feedback. Just kidding, I know splitboards only. Anyway I got the 165W and its absolutely amazing. If anyone out there is considering this board feel free to PM me with any questions. Rips pow, groomers, crud, steeps, jumps, cliffs, etc

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    I for one enjoy the solid board reviews over here as well….it’s nice to hear what like minded people think of certain boards, you never know what kind of rider is reviewing boards on some of the other sites. I feel most on this forum are well seasoned riders who know their shit when it comes to board feel, etc.

    On topic, I’ve never ridden BerZerker, but used to have a Ride that I loved back in the day….I’ll probably come full circle and ride one of theirs again someday…..have really wanted to check out the Slackcountry.

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    I actually agree and like solid board reviews for the same reasons- I trust people’s judgement here more than other sites.

    Maybe we should have an addition forum for this but then again it does dilute the purpose!

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    I’ve been riding one this year, you are correct its a great board. It’s super responsive and really versatile. I’m not sure what i can tell you that you don’t know. One thing i can say is that next years Ride Highlife, which is somewhat similar to the Berzerker is being redesigned a bit to be better in the powder by softening up the nose. Next years Berzerker is unchanged except for graphics so if you are looking for more of an all around board go with the Berzerker, if you want more of an inbounds pow board get next yearrs Highlife. I love the nose rocker, micro camber combo compared to my old Malolo with its narrow tail.

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