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    Kahti Ryan

    OK so pretty off topic for this forum but still:

    Am currently doing my BASI instructor courses and my ancient Rome Tour just isn’t cutting it. Its been about 3 years since I did more than a couple of days on piste so totally out of date with gear (and this whole duck stance nonsense!)

    So looking for a Jack of all trades board for instructing and piste performance. I need to rail carves at speed, hit basic park features, ride steeps and bumps, and occasionally dabble in some powder, and have to do it all switch as well!

    While obviously there will need to be some compromise, my thoughts so far are a true twin or close to, camber between feet with early rise tip and tail, and stiff enough to hold an edge but flexy enough to butter and teach beginners at low speed.

    Possible options so far are the Rossi Jibsaw and Capita Mercury. Any other ideas? Also whats the opinion on neversummer/libtech style CRC for this kind of riding?

    Matt Wood

    I’m generally a Mervin guy, And all my splits are DIY. That said I like the Rossi Krypto Magtek, and I demoed the Jibsaw (little too soft). Try a TRS or Riders Choice. Demo everything you can.


    I have to recommend Never Summer too. I have a few of their boards (Legacy, Raptor, Chairman, Prospector split) and they rail turns, super fun to carve. I’m not a freestyle guy so hard to comment there. The Chairman and Raptor are the best carving boards I’ve rode. They aren’t traditional camber under foot, but they rail, and I love the profile. I have experience on all shapes, and I personally like theirs the most for a do everything. Mervin is similar and my buddy rides those and love them too. The Chairman has taper, so doesn’t fully fit your profile. You may want to look at the Ripsaw, West, or Snowtrooper. They also can take a beating, strongest boards I’ve been on, topsheet, base, sidewalls, etc.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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