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    Last season I pretty much used my Carbon Solution Split almost exclusively in bounds with my highly modded Tesla Afterburners and don’t want to go down that route again this season. I came across a Jones Flagship with a blown edge and multiple core shots a few weeks ago. She is all repaired now and ready to become my resort deck this season. I am trying to figure out a binding solution with no or little additional expense. New resort bindings are too expensive, used resort bindings are either still too expensive or “well” used for the coin. I don’t mind using my split bindings as they have been awesome and aren’t seeing or feeling much sign of wearing down. So I have been researching the solid board interfaces using the voile puck system. My choices as I know it:

    The One Binding system pucks:

    Good stance options but $100 a set is a little more than I want to spend.

    Prowder saddles:

    Metal on metal wearing down my Tesla baseplates isn’t worth the half cost savings at $50 a set

    Solid plates from Firstlight or others:

    No US suppliers that I am aware of and I’m not sure that cost would even matter without adjustability.

    With many doing their own DIY options, I would love to see more ideas or links to other supplier options especially with cost savings in mind. Of course I would love to see more tech too even if it is just eye candy!!!

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    I came across some blog by Jerry Scott years ago.
    He milled pucks out of a white, plastic cutting board for all sorts of uses: pucks for approach skis, crampons, solid board, Verts.

    Read what he wrote about what he did wrong on the solid mount.
    I bet you can use the center of a Voile puck (the two-channeled ones) instead of the round plate of a standard binding to keep more meat on your mono-puck. I assume the voile circle is smaller than a standard binding’s circle plate.

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    First light green ones are well made saw a set at splitfestnz! drilling looks to be the hardest part.

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    I am personally impressed by how solid the prowder set up is. Got my wife running your binders on her solid right now with prowder plates.

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    im a one binder guy and used em all last year, 40 days in bounds, as a terrain park ranger, and no wear.

    but i think its called third chair or something, at mt baker, they make pucks similar to OBS.

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    I have firstlight pucks, they work flawless but no stance adjustment (when was the last time I changed my stance lol?)
    The biggest drawcard of using split bindings on a solid is weight savings in your luggage whilst flying. Other than that I say use solid bindings, save your split bindings for splitting as they are pretty fragile and the fewer days you put on them the better.

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    @Chef_Ben wrote:

    im a one binder guy and used em all last year, 40 days in bounds, as a terrain park ranger, and no wear.

    but i think its called third chair or something, at mt baker, they make pucks similar to OBS.

    Steel sliding on aluminium and theres no wear???

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    the one binder pucks are a type of plastic, not sure what you mean

    but i don’t think my split binders are pretty fragile

    they’re tools not jewels

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    I mean they break a lot easier than normal bindings, true story that one.
    I agree they are tools, specific tools for getting you home when you far from home so keeping the miles down on them does have benefits trust me. Ive been burnt by this very situation.

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    The metal on metal was a concern for the Prowder plates. The One binding system is quite cool, but I don’t want to spend $100. I did find some HDPE to make my own pucks. It seems to be an acceptable material as it doesn’t absorb water. It appears though that nylon would be a better choice as it is stiffer and handles well in colder weather applications. Anybody use HDPE and what were your experiences with it? I’m making a set either way, but would like to have a backup if necessary.

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    Delrin maybe? good down to -20 F.

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    I’ll do free shipping world wide!

    “Delrin” is just a trading name like “wearex”.

    I trialed 6 different products and found one to be superior!

    Thats why my pucks are $80. R&D :headbang: :headbang:


    Adam West

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    I definitely understand the value of R&D!!! I just can’t afford it 😆 I did end up making a pair of HDPE pucks to try out. It all may be mute anyways as I ended up picking up a pair of SP Bindings from Austria. I am pretty excited to try them out as they look to be promising for the type of tech that I like in bindings. I love the flow entry system, but they aren’t really interested in split specific models. SP has the Fastech system and with proper modifications could be awesome for backcountry. They make the GNU lineup for the states for those who didn’t know. Since I am no longer on Facebook which I used for image hosting, I can’t put anything up at this time. I’ll have to research easy alternative free image hosting sites without the size limitations. Anyone know of any, please feel free to let me know! :thumpsup:

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    Prowder Splitboard Systems:
    Metal on metal is a concern among many people with the Prowder Saddle System. I have a set of burners that I did the majority of my testing on the Spark products. After 3 years of testing the only sign of wear is some anodization scratches from earlier prototypes. The signs of wear on my Voile Light rails from testing the last two years are next to nothing. I found that the cold icy environment favored stainless steel when sliding the bindings on the saddles. The metal almost creates a lubricated surface. You will find more wear with metal on plastic than metal on metal, this is one of the reasons Spark has manufactured their new bindings with a smaller inner dimensions.

    When considering using pucks on your regular snowboard remember the Prowder Saddle system is universal. The Saddles can mount on 3 different types of boards (DIY splitboard, standard splitboard and regular snowboard), making it the most versatile system on the market.

    The reason we didn’t release a touring and riser mount is non standardization between voile and spark. Many new bindings have integrated risers and it doesn’t make sense to sell a package with products you are just going to toss when you buy your bindings.

    Also don’t be fooled with the price. We should be pricing our products much higher but our mission is to bring down the cost of splitboard systems so everyone can enjoy the sport. Prowder takes the hit financially so you can ride a sick product at a unbeatable price. Another example of our mission is the Carbon Splitboard we have launched this year. We have created a Carbon Splitboard that is priced competitively to regular splits on the market. The Jones Carbon Solution ($1,200) and the Amplid Carbon Split ($1,250) are two examples of similar boards, but the Prowder Carbon Split is priced at $759 and averages 80oz or 2.26kg.

    You can always hit us up with questions at


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    @rughty wrote:

    It all may be mute anyways as I ended up picking up a pair of SP Bindings from Austria. I am pretty excited to try them out as they look to be promising for the type of tech that I like in bindings. :

    How did you manage to get those? I wanted a pair for the splitfest last year but they wouldn’t give me any, they said they didn’t have them yet. Let me know how they work out, it looks like an interesting design with that highback and the crampon they made for it.

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