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    For Sale:
    Burton S Series 162 Splitboard-looks
    like new condtion, used twice, no dings
    Complete with all hardware (extra pin and screws)
    Voile Skins-like new condition
    Voile Crampons-new never used
    Burton board bag
    Bindings if you need some
    Pick up-Santa Cruz, CA
    Can deliver for whatever the cost is for delivery & packaging

    004 by forsale72, on Flickr

    005 by forsale72, on Flickr

    001 by forsale72, on Flickr

    002 by forsale72, on Flickr

    006 by forsale72, on Flickr

    003 by forsale72, on Flickr


    PM sent – looks like you are getting out of it – selling your other gear…?


    Very strange… it looks like the split hooks are missing one set of bolts? Usually each split hook has 2 bolts; one in the middle that it pivots on, and one that acts as a stop post. Never seen a board with just a single bolt for each hook.

    Board looks like it’s in pristine shape otherwise, and that’s a great deal.


    good eye – Interesting may it is an earlier model.


    That looks like it’s a 2008 model. I had the same one in a 168 for a while, and have owned 3 separate 162’s over the years. It’s definitely not right to only have one bolt for each hook, but it wouldn’t be too hard to drill the other ones.


    There are two bolts for each set of split hooks, one for each side, they pivot and the hooks connect together. It is a couple year old model but all 3 Burton splits i’ve owned were done like this. Works just fine and have never had any problems with any of the Burton splits i’ve owned.


    I guess i’m seeing the same thing. Looks like 1 bolt per side if you look at the insert on the bottom of the board.

    Not trying to make a big deal about it, just never seen it like that before. Could you provide a better picture that actually shows the hooks up close? I think you may be talking about the tip/tail clips when you mention 3 bolts. We’re asking about the split hooks. Hopefully that will help.

    thank you



    PM’d you. Let me know if it’s still available.


    Smooth transaction, thanks! Also, thanks for the recommendation on where to eat (Dharma – Capitola), it was really good!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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