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    I’m new here but am a bomberonlinne (alpine snowboarding) forum member. Since this board is specially made for backcountry riding, I figured that this forum may have more interests than BOL. This board has given to me by my brother to sell since he is out of country for few years.

    Model: Prior ATV Splitboard
    Year: 2007
    Specification: 171 L x 23.5 W, 10 SCR
    Bindings: Bomber Splitboard Bindings
    Hardwares: Voile (Tracks, Hooks, Wires, Pucks, Discs, Brackets, Gaskets) except skins.

    Top sheet has few scratches and slight peel-off section (see photos) from over-wrapped edges by skinning but those are fixed (filed & epoxied). It got tuning jobs (Edging, Base Grinding, Waxing) done and repaired any necessities by ski shop. Actually, I want to ride this badass versatile deck (since ATV is very popular for all mountain hardboots/softboots carving) but I know it won’t get used as much as I wanted, in east-coast mountains. 🙁


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    very interested in bindings give me a shout

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    Click here to see photos of the Prior ATV 171 Splitboard & Bomber Bindings

    Let me know if you are interested.

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    I would like to sell this as a whole. Due to the Prior ATV’s narrow width and its length, most of hardboots setup would be interested. I will wait for 2 more weeks and if I don’t get serious inquiries, I will separate the bomber bindings from this sale.

    my email is piusthedrgolf at gmail.

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    pius, if you want to sell them together, stick to your time frame and it might work out for you.

    Keep in mind though that as splitboarders, we only need one pair of bindings for all of the boards we own (with alpine decks it is nice to have a set of bindings on each one). Anyone riding hardboots likely has bindings. So unless they want to switch to Bomber bindings from their current bindings someone interested in the ATV split will probably only want the board anyway.

    Good luck with the sale.

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    Thank you Buell,

    I didn’t know the nature of the splitboarders’ equipments that well. As you pointed out, I do have 2 bindings and a 2nd board kit for 3 alpine boards 🙄 Anyway, glad to see familiar nickname in here.

    I will edit the Original Post.

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