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    I am selling a 2009/2010 Venture Storm-R Splitboard. It is 181 cm long and 27 cm wide at the waist. $450 does not include shipping.

    This board is in fair condition. It needs a little p-tex work but has never had any major damage (no blown edges, crushed sidewalls or core shots). The edge of the top sheet along the shovel is scuffed up because I am a clumsy up-tracker, and sometimes scuff one board-half against the other when skinning. There are also some scrapes and small gouges in the top sheet near the center of the board–the result of rubbing in an unfortunate board configuration in the roof-box on a road-trip. The nose and tail clips on this board can be difficult to fasten during cold weather, but I’ve always been able to overcome that challenge and get them latched. Otherwise, the board is structurally sound and solid (the construction is totally bomber).

    I like riding this board in the trees and powder. One design issue to be aware of is that the tail rocker in this year’s model was, I believe, overshot, such that the board can feel a bit unstable at high speeds or on icy steeps. The upside to that issue is that this board turns very easily and is a joy to ride in powder or trees. That has been my observation and I’ve discussed in these forums before. I am selling with clips and hooks (no skins or other hardware). This would be an excellent board for a bigger rider who will be riding primarily powder, trees and other terrain that demands short and medium radius turns; it has many, many more years of life in it.


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