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    I have last season’s 165 Khyber split. It’s in excellent shape, been maintained very well, seen maybe 20 days. Only damage is to the topsheet from whacking the skis to clear them of snow when skinning (bad habit, I know).

    For sale for $700 OBO, but would consider trades as well.

    Anyway, I love the board, but I’d like to find something a little bit stiffer/with less sidecut that can handle high speeds and icy terrain a little bit better. I can take plenty of photos of the board if you’re interested.
    Ideally looking for a Prior Freeride (or whatever the split equivalent is, the Backcountry i think) or a Venture Divide or Zephyr, but would consider other things.
    Feel free to ask for photos- I have plenty of them. I’d rather email them than upload them and embed them in this message.

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    got a 2003 scooter i would trade :disco:

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    Got a 2005 Banshee Scream dh/freeride bike I’d swap. In good shape with a Super T on front progressive 5th in rear (adjustable 6-8″ rear wheel travel).

    Just a thought…

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    I got a 161 Voile Mountain Gun with only a few days on it. Less then 20. Definitely stiff with less side-cut. If your interested PM me.

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    Thanks tucks, but I’m only interested in a couple of models by Prior or Venture.

    Dutch Marc
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    Got Prior 172, used maybe 20 days. PM me if needed more info & pics

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