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    Hello all,

    In the market for a new pair of softies. I’ve had two pairs in the past, Airwalk Freerides and 32 Prions and I’ve loved both. With the slight exception of heel hold-down. I’m realizing that *not everybody’s* heels come up almost an inch off of the bottom of the boot on those toesides down the cat tracks! 😯 Tried heel lifters, they didn’t do much. So I’ve been shopping for a pair that will keep my heels down like everyone else. The problem is, as a female I’ve got super narrow heels. Even the ladies boots I’ve tried on aren’t cutting it. I’m wondering if anyone’s got any beta on brands with the narrowest heels.

    Northwave seems to be the best so far. Salomon and 32 are super wide. Haven’t tried Burton and don’t intend to. How about Ride? K2?

    Thanks for any info 😀

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    Try Vans. They are really narrow in the heel area at least for mens feet. Hope this isnt too old of a reply. Burton seemed to be really sloppy in the heel. I did a bunch of boot shopping this year and ended up w/a boot thats not so good- too soft but comfy.

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    I suffered from heal lift in my old Forums. I picked up a pair of Head 720s (last years model) and found that they fit better than the 32s and northwaves that I tried. The Head’s seemed to help with my skinny ankles, hopefully the womens models are like that as well. When I was getting new boots, I tried on as many boots as I could (even Burton). I’d suggest doing the same until you find a pair that fit.

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    have you thought about getting a costum liner made for your boots? if the existing liner comes out of the boot, you can replace it with a Thermoflex, or other type, that is molded to your foot and ankle shape. sounds like you’ve got too much room in your existing liners.

    i’m not a boot fitter, but i’ve gone through this scenario as well.

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    Being a man, I had the same problem, but found Airwalk Freeride the best solution. Bought them three times in the last 11 years. I even think one of the pairs was a women´s one.

    💡 I use them very tight and customize the front area by cuting off some material to avoid pain in the toes.

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