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    Rico in AZ

    So, I’ve been riding/touring for 3 seasons in Salomom F22s. Thought they were great. ‘Til this weekend.
    Went on a long tour Saturday (nothing great to report there), and got a huge blister on my heel. Never has happened before. Lately I have noticed, riding the resort, my heels are lifting up more than ever.

    So who’s got softies that they absolutely love: no heel lift, reduced shell volume, fit, etc.
    I should say I have rather narrow feet, like A width, and size 12.

    (And Barrows, with all due respect, I’m not interested in going hard boot. 😉 )


    Call me crazy, but I’ve experienced the same thing.
    I don’t have a boot suggestion per se, but I’ve noticed that since going almost exclusively backcountry in 08, the few times I’ve rode resort (hardboots or softboots) I’m getting bad heel lift after a couple of runs. (Burton Imperials/Scarpa F3)
    For me I think its a matter of having to ride way more aggressively so as not to crash into the multitude of people; having to alternate edge to edge non stop for the plentiful “slow” signs; and of course the runs are rock hard and generally a lot longer.
    I suppose it may be a matter of finding the groomer sweet spot for adjusting my boots, as the liner temporarily packs out from riding more aggressively.
    Very interested to see where this thread goes. BTW way, if you don’t mind a bit softer boot, the Imperials are sweet!

    Shark Snowsurf Chuna
    Voile V-Tail 170 BC
    Voile One Ninety Five
    Spark R&D Arc


    The first generation Spark boots have never given me issues and I’ve put probably ~110 days on them now. I owned the Driver Xs before that and same story.


    The main thing you want to do is try some boots on. Even someone else with a a width foot is not going to have your foot. I would say if your f22 worked for you for 3 years then try on some more saloman boots. Liners have anywhere from a 40-100 days built in to them.


    3 seasons is the lifespan of F22’s if you ride/tour a lot. I have a thrashed pair on their 4th? season. They feel like high top sneakers. Love it but they are dead. You might try a new insole like superfeet. That could help the heel lift. The new version of the F22 is the F2.0. They made the toe box harder and the sole has better traction.

    If you like the boot pick up a pair when the spring sales start. I just snagged a pair for $150. That is cheap enough to get a new pair every couple years.
    After riding a low volume boot there is no way I could go back to a bulky boot. The Spark boots are freakishly bulky.

    Also, Salomon did something with their sizing. I was an 11 forever but now I’m an 11.5. Try em on first in case your size changed.


    My boots are giving me heel lift as well, they are definitely getting old, but I am stretching one more season out of them. I am going to try a new insole, or you could try J Bars, but I found I couldnt get them to fit in right and feel comfortable.

    A new insole may help by taking up some of the extra room. 5th season on these things, so I wont feel too bad when I take them out back and shoot em.

    Rico in AZ

    @powslash wrote:

    3 seasons is the lifespan of F22’s if you ride/tour a lot.

    Yeah, silly me for thinking my gear should last longer than ~100 days of use. :scratch:

    @powslash wrote:

    You might try a new insole like superfeet.

    Yes! My feet, while long and narrow, are also quite thin. I’m actually using two insoles from old boots. I did notice yesterday they are packed out. Will be replacing them with a new insoles asap.
    And another thing about the F22 from 3 seasons ago, is that it is a linerless boot. And the cuff’s shape around my achilles tendon doesn’t have shape to fit the depressions on the sides of my achilles.

    What I have in mind, is a zonal lace system with traditional laces. I used to ride Driver X’s. And these Salomons essentially have the same lace system, with locking eyelets at the ankle articulation, and again at the top of the cuff. What I think is happening is the lace cord gets worn down after being locked-in in the same spot every time that the friction lock eyelet just doesn’t work any more.

    So if you love your boots cuz you don’t get heel lift, tell me!
    There’s a lot of season left, and I don’t want to be riding shitty boots.


    I was in the same boat. Rocked F22’s for 3 seasons and they were too loose for riding this year, especially for touring. I figured I liked salomon so I grabbed Malamutes. From day 1 I couldn’t get them comfortable like my F22’s. Heat molded them and liked them even less. I tried intuition liners in them and the laces would not stay put in the locking thing at the top of the tongue, so they were getting super loose.

    Picked up new Driver X’s this morning and did a few long groomers at whistler (peak to creek long), and got into some chunder too. They felt like a dream! The tongue didn’t move (my shin used to get rubbed raw by the side of the tongue on the Malamutes), and they are tight as hell. I’ll report back after more break-in and touring. I do about 3:1 touring:resort so they need to be good on the up. Initial impression to me is that the Burton’s inner and outer lacing is way better than the salomon, and the liners are much more comfortable on my feet, ankles, and shins.

    That’s my story. I refuse to compromise on boots, have to take care of your feet or you can’t shred!

    Rico in AZ

    Gormley, does the Driver X still have an internal “corset” to keep heel down? I used to use Driver’s, from like ’03. They were so fucking heavy and had a massive volume, after I really got into touring I just couldn’t do with the weight and bulk. Did Burton cut down on the weight and volume?

    I should also add that I’m not necessarily looking for a really stiff boot. Just a boot that keeps my heel down.

    Just read some good things about the 32 Prime, regarding heel lift. Thoughts anyone?


    2010 32 Team 2s are the best snowboard boots I’ve ridden in terms of comfort, warmth and allowing toeroom without heel lift. Very lightweight and stiff enough to charge when the snow gets weird on ya.


    Ricorides- what boot did you end up going with? I have the same problem- narrow feet, heel lift= blisters. I had malamutes but had to crank on them so much my feet would go numb.


    Gorm what year Malamutes did you have? I’ve had a pair that were either 09 or 10 (can’t remember now) and the laces wouldn’t stay in on the tongue very well at all. This year I bought a set of the 13s and they re-designed the lace hold and I’ve found it to be incredibly secure. The locking for the liner is also improved.

    I have a very narrow area around my achilles and have yet to find anything that fits better then the malamute for me. They do great touring, at a resort, or sledding. I’ve done some tours up to around 6 miles on very firm spring snow with annoying traverses and had no blister issues at all.

    That being said the sole still sucks for real use. The outsole quickly got ripped up on the sled, the heel has softer foam where the tabs from my crampons go, and the toe box isn’t reinforced for kicking steps. I’m not sure who they think is buying this boot, but they really ought to give it the treatment that the F series got at the very least.

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