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    Where do you get em?

    I’ve done some cursory searches online, found reference to Red crampons but I can never find Red stuff. Burton’s site doesn’t show any Red Crampons either, just helmets and armour mostly.

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    Colorado Ski and golf probably has some of the red Crampons left. I bought a pair from there a couple of years ago. They are not full on crampons, but should give you plenty of traction in firm snow. If you are thinking of doing more traditional glacier type travel stuff, these are not for you. I can stop by Colorado Ski and Golf and see if they still have some floating around. They are discounted too, since they have been lying around for awhile.
    Their number is 303-337-1734 if you want to call them…

    affix snow
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    Id recommend Black Diamond Compact Strap Crampons for soft boots…they are pretty great, if you are into that sorta thing.

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    I don’t think Burton is doing much of the RED backcountry stuff anymore.
    In the past, most of the stuff they sold was produced by another company. Burton simply purchased it in bulk, put their label on it, and redistributed it under their name.
    Those crampons came from Stubai, and they still make them. You should be able to find them pretty easily. The universal strap crampons will fit pretty much any footwear. I’ve even strapped them on to my tennis shoes for summer/fall ice approaches.

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    Thanks for the beta guys. I’ve got BD Sabertooths for stepins and have PMBs and AT boots but have only used my soft boots on the Split so far (except one lousy experience with the PMBs on Voile Mnt Plates). Thinking about trying out the AT Boots this year and then maybe buying some Bomber plates if I like it.

    In searching the board it seems like hard booters around these parts are mostly using Dynafits, I’ve got a new pair of Lasers with thermos that I bought super cheap but I’m wondering if they’ll be any good. If I went to ATs for hard steep conditions, then I wouldn’t need to buy strap crampons for soft boots, cause my stepins would work. Decisions, decisions….

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    @affix snow wrote:

    Id recommend Black Diamond Compact Strap Crampons for soft boots…they are pretty great, if you are into that sorta thing.

    thats what i have, they work great on my huge boots too.

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    Grivel do a G10 WIDE strap crampon which are fit softboots (I think they may be made specifcally for softboots). Not for technical ice climbing but fine for snow and easy mixed stuff.

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    Fit fine on a soft boot – obviously not front pointing an ice climb


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