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    Anyone in the Tahoe area do any snowkiting? A friend of mine who is into kiteboarding wants to try it on a snowboard this season. I think it looks fun but I’d probably end up in a tree somewhere. So I thought I’d check here to see if anyone has any info I can pass onto him. I’ve seen video of folks doing this down near Mammoth, but haven’t heard anything about Tahoe. Any input appreciated.

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    I heard last season someone was doing kiteboard demos at Mt. Rose (Tahoe Meadows) once a week when the weather was good for it, but I never got a chance to check it out myself. I think Tahoe Mountain Sports in Kings Beach might know something about it. I’m thinking with the right conditions, a kiteboard trip through Desolation could be sick.

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    If you really want to learn snowkiting & try some free demo’s(best way to decide which direction in kites) – your best bet is Utah. An area called Skyline (S. of SLC) is like the epicenter of snowkiting in the US. Almost every weekend there are dealers & MFG reps doing demo’s, lessons, & pro riders present showing how it can be done. There are some major events happening there & 1 at Powder Mtn in Utah as well in early Feb. These get crowded with kiters & can be a little intimidating but interesting to see what’s possible.

    I couldn’t find anything specific for Cali or Tahoe but local kite dealers may have demos in the area.

    try checking these:

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    I see that your buddy is interested in learning to snowkite. That’s my gig… I learned to snowkite back in the 04/05 winter season and have been kiting on water for two seasons now. Personally I feel that Mt. Rose Meadows is the prime spot in Tahoe, but Hope Valley and Grass lake are also awesome spots. If your buddy is a splitter, AT or tele guy, then touring into Red Lakes and the Carson area can offer epic terrain and conditions. In mid winter some kiters ride on Caples Lake by Kirkwood. The Mammoth area also offers some amazing terrain and conditions.

    Tahoe Mtn. Sports is the official snowkite outfitter in north Tahoe. I’ve heard that Vertical Sports in SLT may be getting into it as well. Live2Kite in Marin is the Bay Area’s official snowkite outfitter. I have to agree with Lewmt… learning to snowkite would be better done in Utah. Skyline is the best spot to learn and if you contact Wind Over Water, you can arange lessons and a place to stay. WOW is a Bay Area kite school run by Jeff Kafka. Jeff is currently one of the best kiteboarders in the sport and is very talented both on water and snow. Google him to see his acomplishments.

    Windzup and WOW both have kite schools and resorts at the Skyline area in Utah. Windzup is also the official Ozone kite distributer for the US, so they know snowkiting the best. Ozone is the first company to makes kites specifically for snow applications. I personally fly the Ozone Frenzy.

    I think TMS will be doing some snowkite demos this season in Tahoe, so check with them on details. is a great place to comunicate with other kiters. They have a thread on their forum dedicated to snowkiting.

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    Yo JimW. I have a few kites that you can try if you like.

    I have a traction kite – 4 line with handles & harness etc. This kite is made & used for Sand & Ice buggy setups. Will do the trick..

    I can bring it to Tahoe this trip Dec 26 – Dec 30 th Maybe we can hook (you) up get you some air !

    If not, I can bring it with me next time when we meet Maybe So-Cal or at West Coast Split event ..

    Gtrx Dutch

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    Heads up… I’m going up to Grass Lake and the Hope Valley (SLT area) area on Saturday. The forcast for wind is looking great. There should be several kiters out, so if anyone here is interested in joining us, it should be awesome. PM me tonight for more information. The fall back plan is some bc riding at Waterhouse. 😉

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    Thanks for the info guys. I don’t think I’ll be kiting anytime soon, but I’ll pass the info along to my buddy. Interesting about Caples Lake – I thought that might make a good kiting spot but had no idea if people actually did that there, or if it was even allowed.

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    I’m gonna try my best to make it. You been getting out Scruffy? The leg is pow tested and holding up ok, let me know if you are needing a partner this week.

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    Tomorrow looks like it could be the day for some good snowkiting. There’s a weak low pressure front up north that should bring some wind to the Tahoe area. I’m kinda torn on which shore to go session, but I’m thinking Tahoe Meadows, but if Grass Lake is goin off, I’d rather be there. If the wind doesn’t blow or it’s crazy strong and gusty, then there’s always plan B… lots of snow to play on. I may bring my splitboard as my plan B.

    Don’t forget that next weekend is the TMS snowkite demo at Tahoe Meadows and also Snowdaze snowkite event up in Mt. Shasta. 😉

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    Here is the info you been looking for. Kiting was great in Martis Valley yesterday, 10 kites in the air at once!

    The First Annual Lake Tahoe Snowkite Demo Day is scheduled for March 8th from 12-4 at the Mt Rose Meadows. Sponsored by Tahoe Mountain Sports, Ozone, and Slingshot, participants will have the chance to try all the new gear, get some free lessons, and talk to other snowkiters from around the region. For those new to snowkiting, start with an introduction to snowkiting group lesson then put up a trainer kite and start practicing. Experienced snowkiters can try out the latest and greatest kites like the Ozone Access XC, Frenzy, and Manta and the Slingshot Ranger and hopefully some Revs.
    We will also be offerring a advanced snowkite clinic with Ozone Team Rider Ken Lucas. The cost for this will be $50 for a two hour clinic and preregistration is required.

    We will also have all the Ozone and Slingshot kites, Ozone XC harness, and the Mystic Blazer harness for demo and sale. We would like to encourage folks to make a whole weekend out of it and go riding as a group on Sunday if there is good wind. We have a ton of spots to choose from including some that have been recently scoped and not talked about yet.

    The entire event is free and open to the public although participants must sign a liability waiver before using any equipment. For more information and directions to Mount Rose Meadows go to

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    Heads Up: TMS’s Snowkite Demo Day is on tomorrow. It would be great to see some splitboarders come out for the event. I will be there teaching beginners how to fly the trainer kites. If you show up, you’ll need to registure for the event, but it is FREE. You can simply ask for Mark (aka Yoda) if you want to meet up. Hope to see ya out there!!! 😉

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