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    Neil Provo
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    Hayden Peak is a rather iconic mountain in the Uintas of northeastern Utah.  It marks the western boundary of the main core of the range, where the peaks get high and rugged.  We’ve spent a decade exploring the range, and the potential for first ski and snowboard descents off the highest peaks in Utah is real.

    My Brother Ian and I have skied numerous lines on the Hayden massif over the years, but never from the top.  Last May, Ian spotted a line and we just had to see if it would go.  We had ourselves a full value experience on the mountain that day, linking up 2 staggering couloirs from the summit.  I wonder if we were the first to ride Hayden Peak from the top?  Regardless, this is our proudest Uinta line yet.

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    scary and great , big respect!

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    Nice work. Thanks for sharing.

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    Really, freakin’ burly gents. Congrats!

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    Yeah!! Nice! Congratulations guys! Man you made quick work of those ice cruxes!

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

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    Wow. That was serious. Every summer I eye all those mountains with intent to go hit some one day.

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    rad we attempted a slightly different approach and line last spring but didn’t make it happen. strong work.

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