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    I am a New Yorker but I am in Utah every year to snowboard and do a little splitting as well and I fully support the opening of Alta for boarding simply because it’s Federal land and my taxes go the Federal Government. I would be happy to donate to cause. I poached Alta with my son-in-law . On the way down the slopes we were met with cheers :clap: and jeers 😡 and a few looks of 😯 what the heck was that.. The Ski Patrol caught up with us in the parking lot and gave us a half hearted talking to and ended it by saying that we should be able to board there. Honestly I am just tired of different groups of people nowadays that think they are special and Alta skiers are one of those groups. Ok enough rambling.

    Sign me up F*&K Alta




    Did the whole split ski thing at the Ski Salt Lake Shootout a couple years ago. Went in thinking I was such a badass, came away thinking the skiers can have Alta. So. Many. Traverses. Good riddance!


    Alta is one of the last remaining U.S. ski areas that bans snowboarding, and the lawsuit claims Alta dislikes snowboarders for their allegedly reckless skiing, inconsiderate attitude, baggy clothes and their overuse of such words as “gnarly” and “radical” when describing difficult terrain.

    As a snowboarder, I feel discriminated by Alta’s policy by a stereotype of snowboarder counter-culture that in my case is not true! I snowboarded since 1986 and I do not fit into the snowboarder counter-culture stereotype perpetuated by Alta.


    @Powder_Rider wrote:

    lawsuit claims Alta dislikes snowboarders for their allegedly reckless skiing, inconsiderate attitude, baggy clothes and their overuse of such words as “gnarly” and “radical”

    I feel discriminated by Alta’s policy by a stereotype of snowboarder counter-culture that in my case is not true!

    I KNOW!!!

    Totally not true for me either.

    I mean, I don’t have 2 Go Pros, but I am a very safe and conscientious snowboarder. I make sure to always use a compass, avalanche transceiver, extending shovel, headlamp, safety harness, map, and self arrest tool anywhere I go snowboarding.

    I made a very deliberate point last weekend (1/25) to demonstrate to the Alta community just how safe snowboarders can be these days. We snowboarders LOVE to ride on flat groomers!

    The ski patrol was really skeptical though, so I had to show them that snowboarders can also ski when asked to fit in with the rest of the conservatives.

    At the end of the day, the resort patrollers agreed. Snowboarders are safe, conscientious people who do not say such things as “gnarly” or “radical.” Indeed, “GIVETH US FREE!!!!”

    Thanks to Tarbs/Oceanman for the photos 😀 😆


    Way to win with love and good humor SchralphMacchio . I hope you had great turns. A+ brother.


    Amazeballs. You sir are a hero.


    those pics with the patrollers are hilarious!! :clap: :clap:


    And the first entry for Post of the Year 2014 is on the books.
    Well done SchralphMacchio.

    Be sure to bookmark's Recent Activity page...


    “Givith Us Gree!”

    I may have just shat myself from laughing


    @WhitePine wrote:

    @CascadEagan wrote:

    Has anyone ever gotten on the alta lifts in split/tour mode and then assembled and ridden down in board mode?

    I would really enjoy seeing some snowboarding at alta this winter, especially with all the attention these blue blood, old school, elitists are getting.

    Maybe a coordinated split board attack on alta?

    I’ve talked to some guides who have ridden up on the lifts in tour mode. Then let them as long as they are only accessing the backcountry.

    Jake Burton sent a challenge out to people to film snowboarders poaching skier-only resorts. One of my good friends put together a video. They dropped in by ducking a rope at Snowbird while wearing never-nude cutoffs and gave suckers to all the skiers. It was pretty funny.

    I think I may have figured out how embed youtube videos for once.


    Maybe not. I give up.


    Despite long odds, shredders press their case in the 10th. No offense to attorneys on the forum, but attorneys will be the real winners here.

    Snowboarders fight ban at Utah resort in appeals court

    The Associated Press
    Published: November 17, 2015 08:28AM
    Updated: November 17, 2015 08:06AM

    Salt Lake City • A group of snowboarders who argue a ban on their sport at Utah’s Alta Ski Area amounts to discrimination are set to present their case Tuesday to a federal appeals court in Denver.

    The lawsuit, filed in early 2014, brought renewed attention to the long-festering culture clash on the slopes between skiers and snowboarders.

    Alta lawyers have defended the ban, saying resort officials made a business decision to lure skiers to the private resort east of Salt Lake City with the promise of a snowboarder-free experience, and it’s well within its rights to keep snowboards off the slopes.

    The U.S. Forest Service, which approves a permit for Alta, has backed the ski area in the court battle.

    The four snowboarders and their attorneys have countered that Alta doesn’t have the right to keep snowboarders off public land designated by Congress for skiing and other sports. They point to 119 other ski resorts that operate on public land that allow snowboarding.

    They take issue with Alta’s claim that skiers find the slopes safer because they don’t have to worry about being hit by snowboarders whose sideways stance leaves them with a blind spot. Alta’s ban is irrational and based on stereotypes of snowboarders.

    Two other U.S. resorts ban snowboarding: Deer Valley in Utah and Mad River Glen in Vermont.

    The snowboarders appealed to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals after the case was dismissed last year by a federal court judge in Utah.

    That judge said snowboarders don’t have a constitutional right to practice their sport and that allowing the lawsuit would open a door for others to claim discrimination against private companies.

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