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    Hey All! Can anyone recommend a snowboard travel bag?

    I’ve used several and find that they have a limited life.

    I’m looking for something, light, with wheels, capable of holding multiple boards and a ton of other split gear. Light, but strong is important because of the weight restrictions on most airlines a 15lb, while strong, eats into my gear weight. Anyone have some good suggestions?


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    I plan to buy a Douchebag. So, haven’t tested it yet, but have got it recommended by others.

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    I bought a new board bag for a trip to Chile recently because we didn’t have a car there and I wanted one with wheels so I could walk further to the hostels from the bus stations. I bought the DaKine Low Roller and I really like it. The website says that it weights 7 lbs. It has bigger wheels on it than my friends and rolls really well. It also has these plastic bars in front of the wheels that help it get up curbs without lifting when crossing the street. I don’t know if it is big enough for you but I fit my resort board (160 cm) in there with boots, helmet, goggles, and all the snow gear like jacket and pants just fine. I bet I could also put my split across the top with the bindings off if I tried. It was a good balance between the features and the price for me. Hope that helps.

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    I have the Dakine low roller 175 cm as well. The bag material, wheels, and zippers all seem incredibly bomber after a year of use. I can fit my resort board (158), split (168), two sets of bindings (mounted on solid, spark burners on boots in boot compartments), and all gear and backcountry gear except my helmet. Still working on a way to get that in there! I still had a little bit of room but helmets are so damn bulky. I carry on my touring pack and just strap my helmet to that. I was a bit worried about the components on my split damaging the base on my solid, but with the LT brackets the highest point seems to be the pucks and risers, so no issues there.
    I fly air canada usually and haven’t had a problem with weight. Limit is 50 lbs, but most times they don’t weigh oversize bags unless it looks obviously ridiculous.

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    I like the sport tube
    The had case makes it less awkward to roll and it almost indestructible.


    I plan to buy a North Face Basecamp roller for my travels this coming season, Like thowaa I have yet to use one but I have the basecamp duffel and it is tough, I dropped one on the last anchor on a long rappel and is was barely scuffed form the tumble. can’t say the same for some of the gear inside but most of my equipment was just fine. Burly, easy, and it will fit a solid and a split.
    ( )

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    Sweet! :bananas: for some reason I didn’t think I’d get this many options. Thanks Everyone! Here’s my current thinking:

    PeaceFrog: I like your sig :thumpsup:

    It is difficult to assess ones own fuckedupness

    truer words were never written.

    I’m working with a 50lb no charge limit – this is my target sweet spot. Meaning My board bag AND gear can weigh 50lbs and I don’t pay anything extra. 70lbs MAX limit. Meaning I can’t take over 70lbs EVER. But I’ll have to pay $100-$200 extra for the 20 extra pounds. 😥

    I currently have a Dakine bag. At 8lbs it’s nice, but the external pockets (that I assume were for boots, but that seem silly) were broken by some aggressive TSA agent. I can use it, but I’m looking for something else.

    wasatchfreeride84093: I like the North Face Base Camp Duffel. I have it, but I’m beginning to feel like it’s over kill for some trips. I like the Patagonia duffel better, because it’s lighter weight and seems bomber for about 80-90% of my trips. So… At 11lbs (22% of my weight limit) I can’t do TNF.

    peacefrog: Cool idea, but I like to stuff it, and I’m afraid the hard sided case would limit my stuffability.

    BeamerLad & jiveassmother: I agree Dakine works well. It’s just time to replace mine.

    thowaa: They yellow DB is the bag is the one I like the most. I like the design concept – I like it A LOT! I also like that it rolls up. Storage space really is important when traveling. Hopefully, I can get it in the next week or so for my trip.


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    I use the low roller from dakine. i travel with one splitboard, one regular board, 2 pairs of fix, glacier and avanlanche gear boots, clothing..and more.
    very good quality, you can put travel lock on all the zippers


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    I bought THIS bag, for the price really cool, just not really lightweight I’d say. But padded and big enough for all my gear.

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    i got that one for christmas… i already tested it and was able to fit 3 boards (including bindings), poles and a pair of boots in it with still enough free space for lots of other stuff.
    very good padding, durable materials inside & outside, decent zippers, huuuuge wheels, lots of grips in spots that make sense… looks pretty good to me!

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    DAKINE High Roller. Just did about five months of travel, two weeks in Alaska, four months in NZ. Lot’s of walking around between buses and hostels. Very reassuring to not worry about my bag falling apart or leaking rain in.

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    douchebag has to be the best bag on the market if you can afford it.
    i have had a dakine low roller for about 5 years and its zips are finally dead.
    i will defo get the douchebag, its huge, super light and rolls up when your not using it.

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    The Douchebag is a great piece of kit as is Snowcart but I’ve had my Burton wheelie case for 15 years now and it’s still in one piece. Gotta a wheelie gig bag too which I just use for boards/bindings and boots and I take a duffel too. I can fill both with 20kg each and not pay any extra plus a carry on with 10kg max. Not that I take 50kgs with me, but I could.

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    so after i posted, i just checked the douchebag website and theyre 50% off. so i finally bought one!
    $115 + shipping. bargain if you ask me.

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