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    garrett knorr
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    I have been looking for a snowboard backpack for a while now and cannot find anything even close to what I want. I want 3 things:
    – 65 to 75 liters:. I usually go on long hut trips with a bunch of friends and carry a 30 rack to the hut and I pack kinda heavy so i enjoy the extra space. I also plan on using it for short “backpacking” trips (hiking like 5 miles to the base of a crag and camping that night)
    -a designated snowboard carry system: I’ve seen people use compression straps to carry a snowboard but i feel like the metal edges will rip the fabric over time and that these straps aren’t meant to hold the weight. I also don’t actually have split board (I usually snowshoe) so a ski carry system doesn’t work for me.
    -a winter(ish) backpack: just something that won’t get my stuff soaking if it snows on a long approach. a rain cover works.
    From my experience this is nearly impossible to find and i have developed a theory as to why. Companies think anyone going on a long trip isn’t going to be on snowshoes so they obviously have a splitboard and if they are hiking steep terrain like a couloir they can a-frame their splitboard thus not needing a snowboard carry on large packs at all. Has anyone else seen this problem before or know of a backpack that i would like?

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    McHale and Co.

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    Switch to liquor, it packs a lot better than beer.

    I’ve heard good things about McHale packs but don’t have any experience. You might want to check out Cilo too. I have problems with the way their suspension sits on me but they have a good strap system, especially if you use the shovel pocket to carry a snowboard but you have to get creative.

    Another option for your hut parties might be a sled. That’s how we usually drag kegs around in the backcountry here in the PNW. Do a google search for “pulk sled”.

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    Here you go, Mountainsmith Phoenix.

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    It would probably be cheaper to buy a used splitboard than a McHale pack in the size range you are looking at.

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    ^^I was just throwing that out there. They are full custom and a lot more than a used splitboard. Here’s some others:
    as mentioned above the spectra stuff
    Do some research and figure out exactly what you want because lots of dollars can be spent on packs over the years.

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    Dakine used to make a pack close to what you are after (the Guide), though I think it was more like 55L. If you can find a second hand one that might be a good cheaper option that meets some of your criteria (vertical board carry, winterish). For your overnight backpacking/crag trips, this should be plenty of volume.

    As mentioned, the sled can work well- but also consider attaching a leash to your pack and just dragging the board by the front binding. This will depend on the terrain and the snow cover, but when I’ve done this it feels way easier than carrying it.

    The other option is to get two packs, maybe a 50L and 25L and make sure the 25L can do the board carry you desire. Strap it onto the bigger pack then detach for your daily riding once you’re at the hut.

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    You sound just like me 20 years ago when I was first learning how to get around in the snow. Let me save you some time, money, effort, and pain.

    Step 1) Get rid of snowshoes and get a split
    Step 2) Invest in a good 40L pack with avy gear pocket, back access, and ski/board carry. I like the BD Anarchist.
    Step 3) Build a pulk sled for the beer when you need it.
    Step 4) Invest in lightweight gear and learn what you really do and do not need in the woods. (Hint: get a bivy or learn to share a tent, or go camping when you won’t need one.)
    Step 5) Profit!

    Bottom line, 75L packs are not made for what you are describing. Carrying a 30 rack on your back is retarded, and cans will break inside your pack. Trust me, I’m the guy who has hauled 5 gallon kegs miles into the backcountry on my back and up multi pitch climbing routes, it used to be our thing, still kinda is, but I put it on a sled now.

    75L packs are for fucking huge expeditions. Hiking long distances completely self supported for weeks at a time, shit like that. Most people who buy them never use them, and if they do, it’s because they have no idea what they are doing and bring the kitchen sink for an overnight trip.

    Good luck.

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    ^So true @shredgnar. That’s my story. I got better!

    Pulks FTW. . . and kegs!

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    I have an osprey aether 70

    it isn’t light and has too many bells and whistles, but it is comfortable, it holds lots of weight well, you can compress and strip it down for day touring, and you can a-frame and board carry it without mods.

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    ^ Bwahahaha! ‘Strewth!

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    Sierra designs ymir 55. It’s discontinued but you can find some on ebay, mostly the small ones. Best overnight snowboard pack ever made. Vertical carry, a frame carry, dedicated Ave tool compartment.

    I searched for years for a pack like that, found one in Canada and had a private company ship it to me cause amazon wouldnt

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