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    Has anyone tried applying Rain-X or something similar to their topsheet to help shed snow easier when temps come up a bit? Does it work?

    That stuff gets kinda heavy on the ascent…

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    I have heard of people waxing their top sheets to keep the snow off. I have never tried it, so I dunno if it actually works or not.

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    I’ve had some good success with this product –
    It’s the same type of de-icer used on aircraft. 😉

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    pledge works good. haven’t used it for years though, not really needed.


    I’ve used Pam cooking spray on my regular board. Works okay, and it has a nice buttery aroma.

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    i hose everything down with lots of aerosol silicone spray.

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    I have tried RainX, Pam, silicone, glide wax, and car wax, usually on one side at a time so I can compare results. It seems like the results are inconsistent – sometimes all of them work better than a clean surface, sometimes not. My best guess is that they all work in some snow conditions and not in others. If there is a difference, I think it is small. I have mostly given up.

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    I’ve noticed I get more build up on my board then my friends get on there skis.

    What about skin wax?

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    I use OBJ All Temp and it works fine for the snow and temps around here. The trick is applying it every morning. Kinda hard to do when you got pow on your mind though.

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    Do you RUB it in snoslut?

    How come Mumbles hasn’t posted a comment in this thread yet?

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    Powderjunkie, you ask, I enter. The reason is because I have tried lots of things and end up with ten pounds of snow on my board no matter what. Ihave tried rain-x, rub on wax, three varieties of cooking spray and none have kept my top sheet clean. i even tried some propylene glycol stuff that was supposed to be a deicer. Stubborn snow. The best result I have had is rubbing on wax, and that has even had limited results. Doesn’t the snow realize that as heavy and slow as I am I don’t need another ten pounds of snow on my gear? I burn enough calories just breathing.

    What is the answer? Are you saying I talk too much?

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    ArmorAll. like the stuff you spray on your dash, in your car and then wipe off…. works pretty good for me.

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    Nah nah nah, all you gotta do is slap the board on the ground as hard as you can, several times while standing in the liftline. That never gets old. 🙄

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    I was next to a youngster one time who was slamming his board on the ground to get the excess snow off. He did it repeatedly, and with a force that was very impressive. I asked him if he had ever put anything on his board to keep the snow off. He said no, this works. I said, have you ever delaminated your board beating it on the ground so hard. He said No, that is ridiculous. (You can’t make this crap up, reality is far more funny than fiction)

    Ridiculous my ass, two slams later and both his tip and tail curled up from his insistent slam flapping of his board. It was somehow satisfying to see him staring at his board now destroyed by his own actions.

    I would rather keep trying the various products to keep the snow off.

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    ah yes, the old beaver slap… nice mumbles.

    i think that one made my top ten list for why splitboarders often avoid lifts and crowds — 😉

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    For the most part boards are extremely tough. I have reparied many issues, including delams over 20 years, but how often and how hard must someone slap their board down to actually damage it? This guy must have been doing this type of board abuse for a long time. This is merely one contributing factor to why I decided to start splitting this year. More peace and tranquility fewer people and better snow conditions.

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    all shit …. only a thin base material on top is snow and icey free – when it wax … we call it wax top

    pogo build her swallow so – and some of my wildschnee boards 2…


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    Burton I’m not sure exactly what you mean by wax top, but I have had some success with rubbing on some wax. Like others have said this generally only works if it is done each outing. I have also had some limited success with rain-x. I have not tried windex yet, but will likely put rain-x on half the board and windex on the other to see how well that works. Can’t beat windex for cost, even if you have to spray and wipe it off each trip.


    @Mumbles wrote:

    how often and how hard must someone slap their board down to actually damage it? This guy must have been doing this type of board abuse for a long time.

    I’d wonder how old the board was, and what the construction was.

    I once cracked an old foam-core Burton Cruiser 165 (89 model year that I bought in 1990) in less than one season from hitting too many flat landings on good ol’ Wisconsin ice. It split lengthwise right down the middle from the nose back to the front binding, and chunks of the foam core started falling out. We sent it back to Burton for warranty because I had only been riding it for like 3 months, and they wouldn’t replace it because they said the “board’s strength was exceeded.” I guess so! In any case, the shop was nice enough to discount a Burton Air for me, so all’s well…

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